Friday, August 14, 2015

How a CHEAP man buys a wedding gift


This has been the summer of weddings. It seems like every weekend this summer; I was either attending a wedding or missing one. Don't get me wrong, weddings are an amazing time! The weddings I've attended are the highlight of my summer. Seeing two people make a lasting commitment while catching up with friends and family is the best way to spend a Friday/Saturday.
While weddings are a time of celebration only one issue remains, purchasing the gift. In the past my girlfriend would be responsible for this task but I wanted to switch it up for my cousins big day and take it upon myself. The phrase “Where are you registered? ” should never be spoken between two men. Therefore, I decided I wanted to find something personal and unique. A good friend of mine Tiffany Webber immediately popped into my mind.  Tiffany recently  started a calligraphy business ( IG: @inkpursuit ) and when I needed to purchase a wedding gift, I knew exactly who to call. After speaking with her briefly regarding my cousin and his soon to be Mrs., she came up with something I'm sure they will cherish forever. The gift is a representation of their two lives becoming one. Thankfully I ended up with an amazing gift for my cousin and was able to support a friends business. That to me sounds like the good ol sayin, “ kill two birds with one stone.”  
Without saying, if you need a gift for any occasion, contact Tiffany Webber! Seriously, I described the two lovebirds and she came up with this great gift and even took care of all the shipping and handling. Fellas lets be honest, if you're a single man, you've never seen a wedding registry and don’t want to start now. Trust me, you could benefit from a business that takes care of their customers like this! Did I mention her and her husband Ryan are good friends of mine??  
#friendssupportfriends while living #thenewcheap life 

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