Monday, November 28, 2016

Buy Back the Block - Rick Ross

Give the Children their Medicine with Sugar in it....

I'm not a huge fan of the current climate in rap music. Today's music has way to much killing, drug dealing and womanizing for an old man like myself. Now that's not to say I don't enjoy ratchet car turn-ups but I can't personally listen to it all the time! On a recent trip during thanksgiving I came across this Rick Ross record " Buy Back the Block". When you get Rick, 2 Chainz and Gucci on one song you know there will be ratchetness BUT these three black kings give knowledge to the youth in between the ratchetness on this song. This song will hopefully push the young kings into realizing that they need to have OWNERSHIP! 

                                                                  Buy Back the Block

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thankful for friends and Booze.....

Thankful for friends and Booze.....

Tonight is the night (word to Betty Wright), the biggest drinking holiday of the year. Millions of people across the country will be returning home for thanksgiving weekend today and thanks to social media, majority of them will be planning unofficial class reunions at local bars and clubs. We live in a busy world and unfortunately we don’t get to hang with our hometown friends as often as we’d like to. For the majority of the year we like engagement announcements, wedding and baby pictures on Instagram until tonight when we can hang out with our friends in person like it was 1994. I’m literally planning such a meeting myself so I thought I’d share with you a few things to keep in mind….

Keep in mind your hometown has likely changed a lot and even though it will always be home to you it likely is no longer as you remember it. So make sure you understand where things are now before you agree to a meet up with friends. If you read this blog often you know how much I’m against drunk driving, it’s one of the stupidest thing a person can do (the other is riding with someone who is drunk). You don’t want to sign yourself up for a bar across town knowing that the drinks will be flowing pretty heavy all night long. Your thanksgiving will really be ruined if you have to get bailed out of jail by your dad thanksgiving morning (but it would also allow the family to not talk about politics during dinner). So pick a location that is close to you or a heavy uber/taxi area.

Find a place that has the best drink special or willing to give your large group a discount. It’s worth a try to ask and you lose nothing by asking. Once you do all the leg work of the prep, pass the info to the group to help sell your case for choosing that bar/venue. I’m willing to bet my life, that everyone will be more than happy to enjoy your cost saving efforts.


It’s the holiday season and you’ve likely been in the holiday spirit since October 1st, but it’s important to not spend a year’s worth of  savings in 3 months. The holidays are a slippery slope, you don’t want to put yourself in a hole that you will spend the next year digging out of because you got “glad hands” during the holiday season (“glad hands” is country talk, apologies to the city folk). Basically don’t get to the bar tonight and spend a bunch of money on shots for people just because you’ve been stunting on IG all year, so you feel the need show your antics in person. Set a limit for yourself to spend tonight and go get that money in cash from the ATM. Once you’ve spent your cash, your evening spending is done. Keep the debit/credit card in your pocket for an unforeseen emergency. I know you will get the urge to buy drinks because I struggle with that myself. I enjoy keeping the party going even if it is at my expense. But when it comes to buying drinks at the bar you need to be selective or else you’ll be buying drinks all night. If someone buys you a drink then sure return the favor on the next round. But don’t offer every long lost friend you encounter tonight a drink.


I know you’re an adult and you can come in anytime you want. But tonight you need to come home at a respectable time. In my house my father is always the good cop! I could come home at 5 AM with half the bar with me and he would laugh it off and tell my guest to not wake my mother. Now if I try that with my mother, we will have joint funeral for everyone including my father. Parents often don’t say anything about you coming in late during the thanksgiving holiday because they want you to enjoy coming home; you should take in to account their feelings. Even though you’re an adult, your parents still worry about what you’re doing while running the city night life. So you can put their minds at ease by coming home at a respectable time tonight. You will also benefit from your mother getting extra sleep because she will be able to devote proper energy into the meal for tomorrow. We all love our friends but your friends can come visit you if they really miss you. Make this weekend about your parents and family, spend more time at home than in the bar!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving folks! 
-Jon McKinney