Monday, September 26, 2016

Advice for the Thugs

While my job offers a really good insurance policy  a conversation with my financial planner landed on  the need for more life insurance. He suggested that I get an additional policy to provide for my future family in the event of my untimely death. As with most financial planners he gave me every worst case scenario one could think of in an effort to make me see it from his point of view.   While he was talking (ranting) about the importance of securing my family's future, I couldn't help but think about other people who should get life insurance and the number one group that came to my mind was THUGS.... By the traditional meaning of the word, thugs aren't supposed to care about anyone or anything. BUT my dear thugs I think you should hear me out…... You're out here living fast doing what makes your little thug heart happy, unfortunately all that robbing, stealing and killing is gonna catch up to you one day. When karma does catch up to you, you want to leave enough money so that your family can have more than just RIP t-shirts. So I suggest you get a life insurance policy. I know you may say "hey that's not gangsta", but what's more gangsta than making money off your own death?! You'll be right up there with Tupac! For an amount as small as $50 you could provide your family with money to change the entire family tree, they’d be able to avoid the path of crime you have chosen and could be functioning members of society. Most of you thugs claim you want a better life for your thug-love offspring, well this is a way to ensure your crime filled life isn't cut short in vain. Do something for the hood and do something for yourself.....get a life insurance policy. Because we  all know how this is gonna end, death or in jail. That's the only way this will end. (No you can't rap like jay-z, so stop passing out mix tapes in between your criminal activities). So get a life insurance policy and accept that a life of crime can only be good when it ends and there's a life insurance policy to look forward to.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Credit Coach Jeanne Kelly Interview With The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club - Credit Coach Jeanne Kelly

I respect what the Breakfast Club has done over the years. It's the perfect mixture of rachetness and righteousness. One day they could have someone from Love and Hip (If you watch that then we cant be friends) and the next week they can have someone to educate or provoke thought. The discussion with Jeanne Kelly is on the righteousness side. My thoughts on credit are evolving due to my growing knowledge of the Dave Ramsey's teachings. Like it or not you will need a good credit score because no matter how much you're able to save I doubt you could come up with $250K in cash to purchase a house.  Jeanne Kelly answers questions from the Breakfast Club allowing the listener to be a fly on the wall. Check out the below link on how to improve or fix your credit.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Don’t watch pockets, watch moves

Don’t watch another mans pockets, was something that was echoed through my childhood and adult life. "Don’t count that man’s pockets", I’d hear that even if it was a discussion about pro players signing million dollar contracts. It sounds silly and may not make sense, but I understand it.
 Don’t be concerned with what the next person is doing financially. Run your own race and be concerned with that and that alone. You’ll spend too much time on linkedin trying to figure out what moves your peers are making when you should be gaining skills to increase your own net worth! I say all of that to say this… you need to stop watching pockets and watch moves…….

I once had a  top level supervisor, who undoubtedly made double what I was bringing home. I’m not counting his pockets but just stating the obvious (LOL). I mean the man had a reserved parking spot at the building! In my rush into the office one day I stopped and noticed his car was parked in his spot as it normally is but for the first time ever I NOTICED what type of car it was….. a 2012 Honda Accord. Now this isn’t a dig at Honda Accords as I think they’re one of the most dependable cars on the market. I can't lie though, I wasn’t expecting that to be the car of choice for our company's CEO. I def wasn't counting his pockets but I undoubtedly took notice of his MOVE. Could this man  easily afforded a Bentley? Of course, I'm out here making USED mercedes benz money I think its safe to say he was easily making Bentley money (Still not counting pockets LOL). There's a reason why CEOs are CEOs. They may not always be smarter than their employees but they have enough knowledge to know how to get to the top and stay there. You need to watch those moves that the top tier leaders make and see how you can apply that to your life. If someone asked me if I wanted 10 million dollars or a chance to shadow Warren Buffett for awhile, that is an easy answer. I would love to watch and learn why he does the things the way he does, his thought process behind each and every business transaction he has his hand in. Those lessons learned can be applied to everyday life and assist with not only saving money but making it!
The fact he wasn't driving a foreign car means nothing . It also means nothing as far as the respect we had for him. I recognized the smart move and starting watching other moves he was making. All of his smart MOVES put him in a position to retire by the young age of 50. Last time I heard about him, he was in Miami living the life, getting his kids through college and paid for two weddings within this last year alone. I am not in this man's pockets so I do not know his net worth but I do know that he drove a economy level car to work every day and retired early.
Remember, watch moves not pockets

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Chill with the iphones fam...

Chill with the iPhones fam...

First allow me to disclose the fact that I’m typing this blog from an iphone. I’ve been an Apple user since my blackberry died a few years back and had it not been for it’s untimely death….I’d still be using it. I don’t care what you consider "uncool". Because guess what? Your “cool” ass isn’t paying my cell phone bill (side note: blackberry messenger was the greatest curve tool in the world….. "Naw you cant have my number but here is my BBM").  The older I get the more I realize the validity in my mother’s rants about  the desires of my youthful days (except for my boxed Chevy Caprice, I needed that car...outkast albums didn't sound the same in my Mitsubishi). Apple gets us every other year, millions run out to buy the new iPhones ditching their "old" devices just to sign up for a new contract they have to spend the next couple years paying off  ( or most of your parents have to pay). Listen to me when I say this, knock that shit off man. Lets be honest here, do you need a new phone? Like seriously? The new iPhone may have one or two upgrades but you can surely  get  by with updated software. And guess what? Your phone will continue to be just as dry as your old iPhone. Having the latest phone does not increase the amount of times your crush calls you.  It does nothing new for you except give a few IG likes when you post a picture of the box following the purchase.  At this point in your life you should be concerning yourself with buying Apple stock or designing something an app you can benefit from iPhone purchasing craze. I don’t know what that product is but I’m sure with enough time you could come up with something. There are things in life that we will unfortunately have to be consumers on and there’s no way around it. But what we can control is how often we buy those things.  As I mentioned previously I have an iphone and if I didn't need to be connected to the web for my job, I’d chuck this thing for a cricket phone . I don’t need face time, they have computers for that and at this stage of life I don’t want anyone interrupting my Netflix binge marathons or dinner so a cricket phone would be perfect. My point is it’s time for you to stop chasing apple products causing you to faulter in other areas. Focus on getting your student loans paid off or add to your emergency savings account. Because it doesn’t matter how new and cool that phone is, it’s not going to benefit you one bit if you don't have an apartment to plug it into to charge. And fellas the ladies will love you and your cool iPhone until they realize you're texting them from the comfort of your parents basement....

Do better folks. I love you