Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dine like a King

Dine like a King
Fellas football season is coming up, and our free weekends will suddenly be taken up with football games and managing fantasy leagues. One thing we can’t ignore is the ladies in our lives.  If you plan on making it out of the football season with a girlfriend, you better put in that time now! You have to get your date nights in while there isn’t any football. And so this requirement doesn’t tap into your craft beer and wings fund, I’m giving you one of my date secrets. Girls love themes, girls love dates and if you’re lucky………… they love being around you even though you’re weird. One of the ways to combine all of these things is, my themed date night. And I’ll be honest themed date nights have always been something I enjoy as well.  This themed night is “Dine like a King”, where the goals is to have an entire date for under $25.  A female friend of mine dated a cheap guy in college. They made it a point to have a monthly date where they could only spend $25 dollars on the entire evening. The wealthiest man I know, tells a  story of how he and his wife had to eat with whatever money they had left in their pockets for the day while building their empire. Regardless of this date being a want or a need, this should be added to your bag of dates!  Make it a challenge for your partner, to see if you can stay under the $25 limit for dinner and activity.  This practice will benefit you when your budget gets tight due to kids or saving for major purchases in the coming years.  There is a miniature golf park by my house that cost $10 with an ice cream shop next door. If this is done on a Monday, the local Italian restaurant offers two meals for only $10. There we have it folks, an entire night cost me less than $25, and we’ve had golfing, dinner and dessert. Your partner will get a kick out of it, its something different than the norm and it adds to the excitement of the date to see if you can stay under the $25.


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