Monday, September 21, 2015

$ave Dat Money

One of my good friends and supporters of the New Cheap sent me this song a while back. I listened while at the office and completely forgot about it. I just can’t see myself telling my coworkers I'm
listening to the new "Lil Dicky" mixtape- I swear it's NOT because he's white! I support white rappers in hip hop! (Eminem's verse on renegade was the only time I've heard Jay-Z get worked on a song).
But back to Lil Dicky. I like the concept of the song and can see what he's attempting to do. I applaud his efforts to provide financial literacy over a catchy beat. I actually agree with just about everything in this song. As you can guess, saving money isn’t really a thing in hip hop, but throw it over a catchy beat and I'm sure people will dance to it. Supporters of trap rap say that the music doesn't make people want to trap, and that’s fine by me. Let's hope Lil Dickey has the opposite effect. Either way  “$ave Dat Money” satirically delivers a breath of fresh air to the genre.

                                                       $ave dat Money

Ruby Tuesday luv the Kids......


Free kids’ meal. At Ruby Tuesday, parents can score a free meal for their child with the purchase of an adult entree every Tuesday after 5 p.m. all month long.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Should Kids be Paid for Good Grades?

Should kids be paid for good grades?


I grew up old school.......We weren’t given an allowance or money for good grades. The only incentive for doing well in school was the possible avoidance of the belt and living another day. I understand what my parents were attempting to do by not awarding us for every achievement. However, I also believe there are lessons for kids to learn by providing money for accomplishments such as good grades.

My nieces and nephews are smart kids and good athletes (Thank you sweet baby Jesus). They work hard and as their favorite uncle I want to reward them. Recently my niece attempted to renegotiate the terms of our reward agreement. She wanted to decrease the amount of money acquired for A’s and begin receiving payment for B’s. This was obviously rejected on the basis I don’t reward second place. It may seem harsh but if I allow my niece to be rewarded for B's before I know it, I'll be handing over cash for C’s. (Yes, she's that good of a negotiator!) So how does this correlate with the cheap life by giving kids your cash? Providing my niece with reward money does a few things; it gives her positive incentive to do well in school while allowing me to teach her proper money management. Too often kids spend all their money on goodies and toys the second they receive it. These same children turn into adults who prefer shopping malls over savings accounts. The children growing up under my supervision will learn the value of a dollar early on while still in the safety net of their parents. After my niece receives her money, I will encourage her to think of ways to increase her cash flow. Maybe she should could start her own local lawn care service by cutting grass and raking leaves. I will remind her that she has two brothers and cousins she could hire to do the work. This allows her to manage the boys while she gets paid the lions share. If she’s making moves like this as a child, imagine what she will be capable of as an adult. There’s no limit to a kids potential if you start the financial literacy conversation early. My niece is already on the right track for the simple fact she's already renegotiating the terms of the deal. Unfortunately for her when it comes to negotiations I’m a tad better at it.

- @TheNewCheap

It takes a village to make a care package

It takes a village to make a care package.

There are many joys to college life, the first two weeks (a father's nightmare) , homecoming weekend and spring breaks etc. But nothing is better than arriving to the post office to find that you have a care package. For those of you that never went off to college, this is the highlight of the mail experience.  After college you will grow to hate the mail experience due to that crazy woman Sallie Mae. Relatives often send a package of everything they think you may need while off at school. In my care package was always a years worth of roman noodles , pop tarts, candy and deodorant ..... basically all of the essentials niave adults thought I needed while studying to change the world . Why am I telling you folks about this?? Because you should come together and send a kid a care package. Why?? you may ask, should you care about some kids receiving a care package? If the entire family came together once every month to send a kid a care package it would save everyone money. It would  also help a college kid focus on his/her studies (plus allow them to spend their money on what counts.... booze and  club cover charges).

So send out an email to all of the family and notify everyone that you’re putting together a care package for your kid cousin, who’s away "studying hard". If everyone drops in a $10, imagine what could be purchased for the kid?

Does giving $10 a month provide you with some type of financial return? NO but one of the cool things about living the New Cheap life, is having extra money to do good for others.You cant spend life always thinking of what you will get in return. But for those of you that need a little extra incentive , college kids  often get  college sporting event tickets for free. If you’re the organizer for these care packages, I’d imagine you may get a few tickets for free.

Not @thenewcheap Approved - Most Expensivest Shit : All-Time Favorites

We've been  fans of the GQ x 2 Chainz  Youtube series " Most Expensivest Shit" from the very start. So this week we're hitting you with the all time favorites from the series. A lot of laughs here, but that's all it should offer you.... dont EVER aspire to F*** your money up this way!! Seriously under no sitatuion should you spend $15K on a suit. Just watch the video  to see how the other side lives, then continue on your path to living the New Cheap life.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

This ain't got nothing to do with money - Kendrick Lamar

Like most of you, I grew up in the golden age of Hip Hop. I can remember riding to school to Wu-Tang records in the back of my cousins Honda Civic. Some of the greatest memories of my life are surrounded by music. Unfortunately much of  the music today doesn't  give that same feeling as the first time you hear Big's Juicy. But this young king Kendrick Lamar reminds you that hip hop is still alive. Streaming services allow you to hear an album in its entirety prior to purchasing it. So when " to Pimp Butterfly" came out I went to give it a listen and got that old school hip feelings. Those songs made me feel something that hasn't been felt since Lauryn hill's MTV unplugged album. I spend money for quality, theres no cheap way to buy a new  record and in supporting an artist like Kendrick I don't need one. Because if you don't support the artist saying something, you will get alot more of the bullshit.

Kendrick preformed for the late show with Steven Colbert and we wanted to share with those who have been living under a rock missing out on this great talent.

Kendrick Lamar Performs ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ Medley on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Get Familiar - Quinta Brunson


Quinta Brunson is hilarious! If you haven't seen her work, you need to spend some time watching her. We love her here at @theNewCheap because of her "he got money" sketches. Its funny to see what she's able to do making us laugh at situations we've all been in. Seriously every person has been in a "you got money" situation. Take some time and get familiar with Quinta Brunson!