Thursday, May 28, 2015

10 Richest People in the United States ( Spoiler Alert.... No Rappers or Athletes)

10 Richest People in the United States
 ( Spoiler Alert.... No Rappers or Athletes) 
#1               Bill Gates                 $79.8        59
#2          Warren Buffett            $71.1     84
#3          Larry Ellison                  $54.2     70
#4          Charles Koch                $42.3     79
#4           David Koch                 $42.3      75
#6            Jeff Bezos                  $38.6      51
#7          Christy Walton           $37.5      60
#8        Michael Bloomberg     $37.1     73
#9           Jim Walton                 $36.3     67
#10         Mark Zuckerberg       $35.5     31   

Cheap Wine vs Expensive Wine

"When you know somethings expensive, it just takes way better"


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The saddest thing I ever saw was Michael Jordan in a wizards uniform….

I feel like I grew up in a great sports era; the Braves were competitive, the Cowboys were winning championships and Michael Jordan sat on the throne as the greatest player in the world. For those of you too young to remember, MJ could do no wrong. He could dunk on your favorite player then transition to starring in your kid sister’s favorite movie. When I got my first pair of Jordans, I literally put them by the front door in anticipation to wear them the first day back from Christmas break. I remember vividly getting a Jordan jersey for Christmas (thanks to my uncle and aunt), and wearing it daily until my mother put her foot down.

The ending of that great sports era was when Jordan put on that Wizards jersey. I couldn’t watch a single Wizard's game while Jordan was on the roster. It was awkward and uncomfortable to see. Can you imagine seeing your youth pastor at the strip club? That's how I felt and I wished I could banish it from my memory forever. I get the same feeling seeing people “playing the field” past their prime…

I know what you’re saying, this is supposed to be a financial based blog, why are you giving dating advice? Hear me out, what's worse than seeing a friend who hasn't made that transition to letting go of the "roster"?? Yes, it feels just like having to see MJ in that Wizards jersey. Time to give it up playa, hit that game winning jumper over Bryon Russell and stick to selling those sneakers and Hanes T-shirts. I know what you're asking, "What does this have to do with money?" "Why am I telling you to give up the player lifestyle?" Lets look this over based off the old rules I was familiar with.

You have a Main chick/star player or a bae (whatever you kids are calling it these days). You're guaranteed to spend money on this person including birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day and numerous other occasions. The idiots have the sidepiece, this isn’t the main chick/star but you spend a good deal of time with them. I know the old school playas will insist they don’t spend any money on the sidepiece, but I call BS on that. Its 2015 my dawg, Olivia Pope has made being a sidepiece a prestigious position. There is no way you're forgetting your sidepiece's birthday these days. I don't care if you're Bishop Don Magic Juan and keep your sidepiece in line, you’re still spending a great deal of time fostering that relationship. And guess what bud, time is money. See you silly rabbit, even though you don’t “trick off" on your sidepiece you're still spending money on her. That time you spend on your sidepiece, you could be educating yourself , building job skills or fostering the relationship with the person you truly want to be with. Worst case scenario, a players only meeting occurs and they realize the coach isn’t necessary. You will lose all the time and money spent on both people. Then you’re back to square one club hopping searching for another person to love. And let me be honest with you, Charles Barkley, just because you change teams doesn’t get you any closer to a championship.

As your financial voice of reason, I beg you to lock in on one person. Regardless  of how young you are, you're too old to be out here juggling multiples. If that's what you choose, you'll end up looking like Jordan in a Wizards jersey. A great player playing past his prime, and too prideful to admit it.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Get Familiar - 2 Chainz 's Most Expensivest Shit

Sometimes it's good to see how the other side lives.... Get familiar with 2 Chainz 's GQ series- Most Expensivest Shit.  (Disclaimer- NOT @TheNewCheap  Approved)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Theme Song for the Week....

This has to go down as the best song by an athlete..... which isn't saying much!!!
Respect to Prime for this classic!!

Traveling on a Budget


Traveling on a Budget
They say seeing the world is an enriching and positive experience that will give you a new perspective on life. For some, it can also give your bank account a new perspective on what it means to be in the negative. The prices of flights and hotels can leave you eating Ramen and dollar cheese burgersuntil the day your plane finally takes off. But by doing your due diligence you can easily cut cost on flights, lodging, food and even attractions.

If you are able to be flexible in your travels and do a little research this is where you can save a tremendous amount of money. If you know well in advance of when you are going to travel, you should check out this graph When to Purchase International Flights Cheap Air suggest buying tickets to Asia 316 day in advance to optimize your savings. While this is great if you can plan a whole year in advance, but I know some of us operate on a much more month to month schedule. For those of you who fall into the former, my favorite website for flight deals, is The Flight Deal. The flight deal post daily flight deals from various airports and you can signup for the daily email, which I highly suggest. As of writing this email The Flight Deal has tickets to Miami from NYC for only $110! This is over $100 cheaper than the typical price. By using the Flight Deal I found tickets to Dubai for roughly $200 from NYC. Today those tickets, cost anywhere from $800-$1200. I used all that saved money while in Dubai as opposed to using it to get to Dubai.

Maybe it's because I am cheap, but I never seek out high end luxury hotels when traveling. Ok, it is definitely because I am cheap. Nevertheless, when traveling I like to live near the locals. This gives me the opportunity to interact with people who are familiar with the city/county and can offer suggestions that might lead you off the beaten path. It is also cheaper than paying to stay at a luxury hotel where which you will do not much if nothing more than sleep. Why spend $250-$600 a night for a bed when you can pay half if not a third of the price for an equally comfortable bed located in an apartment or hostel. In Dubai, I stayed in a beautiful studio located in a prime location, the Dubai Marina, for only $112 a night. The studio (Dubai Studio) was equipped with a large flat screen tv, a full kitchen, washing machine, rooftop pool, gym and an incredible view of the city. You have a better chance comprehending every word of a Young Thug track, than you do finding a hotel with equal amenities and quality for that low price. Hostels are another good idea. In an upcoming trip to Colombia, I booked a Hostel in Bogota for only $99 for 3 nights through Being I am traveling with the old lady we booked a private room. if you are riding solo or with someone you don't want to share a bed with, you can book a bed in a dorm style room for as low a 11 bones night! Hostels are great ways to meet fellow travelers whom you can form great bonds with if you so desire, or you can ignore them and take full advantage of the hostels amenities which are included in the booking price (free bike rentals, Spanish lessons, breakfast, etc). When booking, steer away from the luxury hotel if you want to save money. I mean this is probably where you will spend the least amount of time so why spend the most amount of money on it?

Now that you have saved a hefty amount of money on your flight and lodging, it is time to blow it on attractions! Wrong! You've been traveling the cheap way to this point, why stop now!? When traveling to Dubai, I did some research and discovered this book called The Entertainer This book has literally thousands of buy one get one free coupons. These coupons aren't to little mom and pop attractions either. They were to the biggest best attractions in Dubai. This book costs about 130 USD but you can easily save that in one purchase. I know I did when booking my desert safari which included dune buggies and a dinner (saved $130). The Entertainer also includes buy one get one free entrees to various restaurants ranging from fast food to fine dining. The Entertainer cut my budget for attractions in half which allowed me and my girlfriend to do twice as many activities than we anticipated our budget would allow. The Entertainer also has books for countries such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, Abu Dhabi, Durban, Hong Kong, London, and many more. Last thing about the Entertainer, to get more bang for my buck, i looked up the Entertainer on Ebay and bought the individual coupons that I wanted. This kept my from having to carry that big book with me and it cut cost even more. People on ebay sell individual coupons from anywhere from $1-$5. For example, the buy one get one free coupon to a water park, Aquaventure, cost me only 2.50 yet saved me $68. If you're cheap, those are the kind of victories, that make you feel Booker T and won the WCW Championship Title for the 5th time. If you are traveling to a city or country that does not have the Entertainer or something similar be sure to check sites like Groupon for that area.

Hopefully this little guide gives you some insight on how to cut cost on traveling and make your trip even more fulfilling.   SO INSTEAD OF RETURNING HOME WITH EMPTY POCKETS, YOU COULD RETURN HOME LOOKING LIKE THIS....
-JA for  @TheNewCheap

Wedding advice from an unmarried guy....

Weddings are the first introduction of a new couple to their collective group of friends and families. So you have to be careful cutting corners to save a dollar, because while most guys won’t notice
anything other than the liquor choices at the reception; women will have a E! news themed debate about the décor of the event…….. So how do you do it? To be honest I don’t have the answer for you, give me another year or so and I’ll be better suited to provide guidance. But I will give those who are planning a wedding, insight from someone who has attended their fair share of weddings.


Don’t feel obligated to provide liquor to your guest. We’re all adults
here, and if we want to get drunk, we can to do that on our own time. One of the coolest offerings of drinks at a wedding was the His and Hers drink, the bride and groom served their favorite drinks as the only liquor drinks at the reception. Served in MASON jars!!


At my core I'm just a country boy who likes to feel like I'm at a summer cookout while at a wedding. Find the nearest country part of your city and get a whole pig cooked for the wedding and do a bunch of sides. This creates a relaxed fun environment for your reception, where people are comfortable and more likely to have a good time.


If I was planning a wedding, I would just rent the DJ equipment and let the wedding party take turns playing their favorite songs. (My DJ friends will hate me) But do you seriously need an aspiring DJ Khaled promoting his Mixtape at your reception? On the Bride and Grooms day, I’d prefer to dance to what they enjoy dancing too.

I don’t have anything when it comes to the ceremony, cause I would
honestly be okay with doing it at the court house, even though I'm sure I won’t be able to go that route LOL. For a more tips I’ve attached a Buzzfeed article I came across to help with saving some dime on your big day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eat the fish and spit out the bones- The Dame Dash Interview


Like many of the children of the late 80’s, I grew up idolizing Rocafella Records. While every person under the sun knows co-creator Jay-Z, whether it be for his wife or the fact that he’s the greatest rapper EVER ( We’re not debating hip-hop here…..). Outside the hip hop world, many don’t know Dam Dash. Dam Dash was the master mind of the Rocafella movement, part Suge Knight and part Puff Daddy.

Recently Dam Dash took the Breakfast Club to discuss a new film he produced staring a host of hip hops elite. During the course of the interview things got a little off track. Dam went on to spend majority of the interview making statements like, “ How can you be a man if you have a boss” and “real men don’t have jobs”.....

See for yourself.....

A wise man once told me, you have learn how to eat fish and spit out the bones. This is one of the situations… Is dame Dash 100% wrong?? No, I’m all for entrepreneurship!! But I also love my career and understand the requirement to have one. And for someone who doesn't come from wealth, I need to use profits from my career to fund my personal business. So hearing Dame make comments urging people to quit their jobs, I realize how irresponsible those comments are. Because there will undoubtedly be someone to take him serious. The “fish” that I got out of that conversation, was that everyone should have a “hustle”. Your 9-5 shouldn’t be the only form of income you have coming in!! God forbid you get fired or laid off you need to be able to sustain your lifestyle. Exploring your entrepreneurial spirit allows for an additional avenue of income. It allows you to be your own boss. At this stage of life you should be creating your own brand! I personally love the comment “ hustle for your last name not your first”. And the question, "can you give your son a job?"

Your job is just that, a job. It allows you to provide for your family and the lifestyle you want to live. Take pride in having a job, and strive to excel at your profession! But also create something of your own, something you could give to your son.


Get Familiar - Tony Robbins

I wasn’t familiar with Tony Robbins until a good friend of mine insisted that I listen to him speak. Once I did my background check, I realized why the leaders of the world all subscribe to the teachings of Tony. Tony has a new book, MONEY-Master the Game, which I suggest you take the time to go and read!

When it comes to Hip Hop interviews, SWAY is the Larry King.  Recently Sway and Tony engaged in an AMAZING conversation, which I believe you will benefit from hearing. Sway makes hip hop mature and cool. Tony does a great job delivering complicated ideas at a level where ANY one can receive.  Once you finish the interview, don’t stop there, go and listen more of Tony’s stuff.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Live music for less....

If you’re a music fan, you know that seeing your favorite group live, is always an experience. However, chances are the live show comes with a hefty price tag. No matter how great a band is you shouldn’t have to decide between whether to eat or attend a concert! So what is a music lover to do???  Of course there are rare occasions where you fork over top dollar to attend a concert (ie…Prince, Jay-Z or  Beyoncé). So to keep your dollars in your pocket while attending live shows, you have to catch an artist before they reach mainstream. For example, catching Kanye during the College Dropout years, is a lot cheaper than the Yeezus tour. Seeing artist early also brings a sense of pride-being one of the first to recognize their greatness.

I recently got the chance to do just that! A new group Ibeyi, a French-cuban musical duo consisting of twin sisters, Lisa-kainde and Naomi Diaz.  Their music can be best described as a mash up of Frank Ocean and James Blake, over modern Afro-Cuban rhythms.

A group of my fellow music lovers and I took the train into the city, rather than driving our personal vehicles. We decided to take public transit because after gas, tolls and parking- it was cheaper than driving ourselves. If you plan on drinking at the concert, it is always better to take public transit-much cheaper than getting a DUI.  Drinking and driving is never an option, not even when it comes to saving money!! So if you choose to drive to the concert, always have a designated driver and make sure your DD eats for free!  Their meals should be paid for by the concert group, since the DD has to put up with the drunkenness.

Once we arrived to the venue, we stopped at a local bar for food and drinks, before the concert.  Before deciding on a bar, I googled to see what location offered the best “happy hour” special. NEVER attempt to wait to get inside of a concert to have a snack or drinks. Once inside the concert, there is no competition to push down prices, so you’ll end up spending almost double for food you could’ve purchased on the outside. OR you could always eat at home!!

Ibeyi gives an AMAZING show, and the venue was extremely intimate. I considered my $15 well spent! After the concert, we trained out of the city and continued on our way home. As Ibeyi’s popularity grows, so will the concert ticket prices, however, I will always be able to reflect back on the time I was able to enjoy them live for only $15!!! (Links to a couple of their songs below)





Faithful  ( my personal favorite)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The New Cheap = Frugal

I've always been a fan of Ramit Sethi. I came across this interview, where Ramit outlines the differences between being Cheap and Frugal. As always, when I find something that will benefit the community, I share the information!!!


Because we know you forgot........

Thank God for little sisters, who remind you that it's Mother's Day weekend......
We're paying it forward and providing you with these Mother's Day weekend deals!!!

Chuck E. Cheese’s is offering a coupon for a free individual pizza with the purchase of a $29.99 purchase of a large pizza. The deal also includes four drinks and 30 tokens.

All Mothers that dine at Fogo de Chao Brazillian Steakhouse on Sunday, will receive a complimentary lunch or dinner during her next visit.

Outback Steakhouse is offering 15% off through May 7 for all the Mothers!

All-day happy hour pricing on Mother’s Day is being offered at RA Sushi.

TGI Fridays will offer half-priced bottles of wine May 5 - May10, to celebrate Mother’s Day


Awkwardly Funny......

Sometimes you must laugh to keep from crying. Thank you Key and Peele