Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dear @thenewcheap..... "you aint got no yeezy"

Dear The New Cheap,

Please, please, please, help me out!! I'm trying to get my man an amazing "I think you're the best" present and he's been mentioning how much he likes the new Yeezys. Well...They are $400 and he's not that great! JK!! Is there any where I can get them for a better price? I would really like for him to have them!!

Thank you!

If you're attempting to buy sneakers you have to realize one thing... Coveted sneakers are like the pretty girl in high school. At an early age, she knows her worth and not many people ever get the chance to interact with her. If you're going to buy the Yeezys, you'll have to wait until they become over weight and have multiple children. Basically, there isn't a @thenewcheap way of purchasing these shoes without giving up way more than the retail price of $350. The only thing to do, if you really want these sneakers, is to sit back and wait until they've lost their aura.

BUT here's another option for getting a Yeezy-themed gift for your well deserving boyfriend...
Kanye is gearing up for an album this year which means a tour will follow. I suggest you purchase tickets to a Kanye show, instead of buying sneakers. Going to a concert creates a memory for both of you to share. I guarantee that the concert will be cheaper than the shoes.
- @thenewcheap

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

You dont get what you pay for, you get what you ask for.....

Free stuff. Who doesn't like it? A wise (cheap*)  man always told me that whenever you spend more than $100, you should get something free with the purchase. What started out as a joke during check out now provides dessert for my shopping trips. Recently, I purchased a bottle of cologne and during the checkout I asked the clerk for samples (fragrance companies will provide stores with small offerings of their cologne in an advertisement effort). The sales person rarely objects, as this small accommodation is building a rapport with you (and your pockets). So, whenever I ask for them, I get a bag full of samples during checkout. 

These samples are priceless! Samples SAVE! When I'm in between bottles, I will pull from my inventory of samples to get me through the stretch. Wearing these samples also allows for a proving ground for new cologne that I may potentially buy. If the cologne is well received, I will likely go back and purchase it. My nephews love to play in my grown man scents (equivalent of girls playing dress up), so when they visit, they can indulge in SAMPLES, not my expensive choice cologne. I also end up giving the samples to friends who visit, because most men don't realize they need/want cologne until they smell it on someone else! 

During the check out of the cologne and after the free samples, I ask "Do you have any bags?"I'm pushing it, I know-but this is the cherry on top. The sales woman goes into the back and pulls out this bag-a duffle by John Varvatos that I got just by ASKING for it! So when shopping, don't be afraid to ask for even more FREE stuff. An even wiser man once told me that there are two things a person can say when you ask a question., YES OR NO.  If the sales woman would've said no to the bag, I still would've walked out with the lions share of the deal.  Closed mouths don't get fed (or a free duffle bag).

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dating after 25 is a lot like drafting after the 5th round……

Dating after 25 is a lot like drafting after the 5th round……
You could end up with a Tom Brady, but it’s likely you’ll end up drafting a player that won’t be on the team in two weeks. So with knowing this sad truth, you must begin dating like an NFL GM drafts.  I apologize to the football fans who understand the financial management of NFL rosters, but we’re going to briefly explain this process. In the months leading up to the NFL draft, players are evaluated and ranked. Players are drafted, and contracting negotiations start. Each player will receive a rookie contract, which has a cap based off the players’ union agreement with the league. This cap is how much money the team has to spend on players. The rookie contract is basically intern level pay compared to more senior level and accomplished players.  Once the player is out of the rookie contract, that is when the big money starts. But they only get a chance at this BIG money if they’ve played well over the course of the rookie contract. Many players drafted in the 5th round rarely make it to see the end of their rookie contract or even make the team.  More often than not, teams cut these players with very little financial impact to their cap.

Once again, I apologize to football fans for the redundancy over the GM player management process, but just stay with me … When dating, think of yourself as an NFL GM. Whether you’re drafting first round or seventh round, you need to be channel your inner Ozzie Newsome. Evaluate the talent like it is the NFL combine. Now, PLEASE don’t take this literally and request prospective lovers to run the forty yard dash in your driveway. But understand you only get so many draft picks. You need to choose who you will invest in wisely.  Before taking someone out on a date, you should do all the research you can on them, giving yourself the best chance for success. And know that there is a chance that you could and likely will be wrong (there’s always next year Browns fans!!). Once you arrive at the draft, you have to remember the NFL rookie contract restrictions.  So there’s a limit to how much you spend on the first couple of dates. Even if this is a can’t miss prospect! You have to remember Jamarcus Russell was a first round draft pick who stunk it up in the league, but is probably still buying that purple drink with those NFL checks. Find inexpensive dates, to minimize your loses if it doesn’t pan out. The only thing that hurts more than heartbreak is having your heart and bank account broken.  Now we don’t have a time limit for how long you should consider a person in the rookie contract phase. Once you realize they’ve “outplayed” the rookie contract, then you up the date spending. Even when someone is out of the rookie contract, you must keep in mind your Cap limits (your personal budget)! Know your personal budget.  If you over spend on a player, you could forfeit the success of your team. Sure Calvin Johnson is worth every penny, but it’s unlikely that the team will be successful because other areas suffer. As the GM, you must manage your team’s budget. So it’s up to you to think of dynamic ways to keep your star player around without hurting the team budget.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

CIAA WEEK - Briana Young

CIAA WEEK is upon us, which houses tens of thousands of visitors every year is coming up once again February 23- March 1. So, maybe this is your first time, or you are an annual visitor, I don't know. But what I do know, is that you want to look great either way. I suggest keeping it cute, sexy, and comfy. The look I have come up for any day of the week for CIAA is all of that. Pictured I have styled a printed sweatshirt, with a dark green fitted skirt, and a light denim jacket.

    I paired these pieces with long knitted over the boot socks, ankle boots, and a fur scarf to go over everything. With the socks, you would want to scrunch it down a little over the boots, add some panty hose because it will be cold, and you have a show stopper outfit ! I suggest a hairstyle that is down, with a natural look for makeup on the face and eyes, and a bold red lip. Want to go bolder? Add some gold bangles, earrings, and knuckle rings. You will own this CIAA week!

Links to look:

(Dress for less pieces: Hoodie & Skirt, $50... Other pieces are suggested, and links are provided).


@thenewcheap Breakfast


We’ve all been there, on our way to work and swerving across three lane traffic to claim your spot in the Chik-Fila drive thru.  Even though Chik-Fila  employees are the nicest  group people on the planet, they  do not offer the quickest service. So you arrive late to work, with  a negative  hit on your wallet. Then there are those were you have every intention of preparing your breakfast in the morning just to either not have the energy or time which forces you to stop at the drive-thru or Bodega for your breakfast. It’s not even nine o’clock and you have already spent roughly 6 bucks. Do this five times a week and that’s $30 which in a year equals $1,820. Sure you will prepare your own breakfast a few days out of the year but without a plan you are almost guaranteed to spend over $1200 on breakfast alone every year. 

We're here to offer you a plan that will not only save you money but also free up mental space which will inevitably lead to a cheaper and calmer morning. On Sunday, go to the grocery store and purchase your breakfast for the entire work week. My neighborhood grocery store has Greek yogurt on sale for a $1.00 quite frequently. So you could easily grab five of these and a package of bagels for a total of $8. If you like cream cheese, be sure to throw some of that in the buggy too. Now you spent $10 on breakfast that will easily last you a week and a half. This equates to about $520 a year on breakfast, tad bit better than the $1,820 you spend buying breakfast each morning.  

On Monday morning round up all your breakfast for the week and take it to work where you will leave it. Now you won’t find yourself frantically trying to whip up something in the morning or doing your best Ricky Bobby impersonation just to make it to the drive thru without being late to work. This will lead to a much calmer start to your morning and about $1,300 in your account at the end of the year.

  Save this money! Don’t get in the habit of wanting to spend this! You’ve been spending this money before you got the tip from the New Cheap, so just imagine you’re still spending it now! Pay off debt or save this new found money in your account! Don’t start spending more in other areas just because you now have this money.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day!!!

Alright fellas here we are…the biggest day of the year for women is upon us, Valentine’s Day! Let’s face it, at this point Christmas isn’t about her any more.  Women spend the entire Christmas season saying “I just want to see the smiles on everyone’s faces”.  Her birthday isn't that big of a deal anymore, because what woman wants to be reminded of how old she’s getting?? But Valentine’s Day?? Yea my brother that’s what she has circled on her calendar. It’s the reason why she sat through the Super Bowl, pretending to like your best friend’s girlfriend. It’s the reason why she’s been extra nice since Christmas, even though she hated your Christmas gift. This is the day that women get to flood social media with just how much they are loved. All this happiness at the expense of some sick fool who spent his entire disposable budget on public displays of affection.

So what do you do?  You’re in love, and you really want to show her how much you care. I get it bud, been there and got two of the T-Shirts to prove it. First we must be honest, Valentine’s Day is all about who can make the biggest public display of affection. If you realize that much then you’ll be able to navigate this pointless event. My first Valentine’s Day in college I lucked out, I won a raffle for a Valentine’s Day gift set…the gift set was HUGE! Since I had just started dating the girl I removed the “I love you” candy (which my roommate and I ate) and gave her the remainder of the gift. She got to parade around with this huge bear showing it to her friends and I got a belly full of candy. Easy win! Now I know everyone won't be so lucky to win a raffle three days before Valentine’s Day, so allow me to tell you about my experience the following year. The following year (with the same girl) our romantic relationship had progressed, but I was still on a similar tight college student’s budget.  Knowing that I wanted to represent well in the “What did he get you conference?” I had to come up with something huge. Enter probably the greatest/cheesiest/cheapest gift in history of mankind. I went to her house and arranged little tea candles outside of her window. When she got home, I called her cell phone and asked her to come to her balcony. She walked out to candles laid in a heart design, and me with a fist full of flowers. It cost me a whopping $9.  Pictures were taken, sent to friends and I was the king of the world…

Seriously fellas, your girlfriend’s entire Valentine’s Day can be a success for very little money! Here’s a few simple steps to ensure that your girl will have a great day:

Never go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day!

This is a rookie mistake that will be costly. You will also spend more time in line then you will eating.  I once spent an uncomfortable evening squeezed into an amazing restaurant. Restaurants offer a
special menus for Valentine’s Day, usually it’s a scaled down offering by the chef, but with higher prices. You’ll stand in line for hours and receive terrible service by an overworked waitress.  Set up a restaurant
at home. Even go the distance of printing out a menu, yea it’s cheesy but you’ll thank me later!

Think Public
The bigger, the better! The smaller the budget, the bigger the display it needs to be. Most grocery stores have very cheap flower offerings, grab a few flowers and show up at her job. If you live in a place
with nice weather set up a picnic in the park.

Think of her single friend.

Women’s feelings are affected by others. So undoubtedly your girlfriend has a friend who doesn’t have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with.  You don’t need those sad vibes ruining the work you're
putting in! So a simple box of candy with BOTH you and your girlfriends names on it (this will also help the next time you screw up).

Get creative
Unless this is the year that you're going to propose you shouldn’t break the bank on Valentine’s Day. Challenge yourself to stay under a limit while providing a lasting memory. Leaving sticky notes all over
the apartment that she’ll see while getting ready for work. This idea would cost you nothing (take the notes from the office). Buying a BeyoncĂ© concert DVD and sitting through the entire show will cost you
nothing but your pride during checkout (speaking from experience). Fill her room with balloons, write a note in every balloon about something you like/love about her.

Reuse ideas from the past.

Phil Jackson has the triangle offense. He’s won multiple championships with this offense. While personnel has changed the triangle offense remains the same. I’m sure Michael Jordan doesn’t converse with Kobe
about Phil’s coaching techniques. So don’t be afraid to reuse good ideas from past relationships. Let’s be honest............ you don’t even talk to your ex-girlfriend, so you don’t have to worry about the current and the past comparing notes about past life events.

The probation period
There isn't any reason why you should provide the moon and the stars for a girl you just started dating.  Keep it simple if you just started dating. Simple grocery store flowers and a box of candy will do the trick while she is in this probation period. Once she’s out of this period, she will be able to access the perks of a full time employee.  Fellas don’t use this as an excuse to not get her anything, however keep it very simple! A box of candy and a card. Keep in mind if you set the bar to high, you’ll have a lifetime of attempting to outdo yourself each year.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day - Briana Young

 VALENTINE'S 2015 is here ladies !
Whether you're going out on a fabulous date or hanging out with your girlfriends... you need to look good doing it!  @thenewcheap gave me the challenge of  keeping a Valentine's outfit under $50. Because I'm an overachiever, ladies this outfit will only cost you $40!  So here is what you do to create this amazing outfit to do whatever you are doing for the  night.  For this look, I suggest you have long waves in your hair, or an updo. For your makeup, I suggest a simple eye, and a bold lip. Add a long peacoat to this look, some stud earrings, and the perfect perfume to finish the look. You'll be  ready for the perfect night, with the perfect outfit! (Even if it is just a group of your single friends)