Friday, August 14, 2015

Going to the Club

Back in college before we would catch the free party bus to the no cover college club, we would travel to the local ABC store to pick up the spirit for the night. We would return back to our apartment and drink while we got dressed. Playing music and snacking on  whatever left over-food that was in the fridge at the time. Before we arrived on the party bus,  we would be at a comfortable level to carry us through out the night.  Once we arrived at the club we would purchase whatever drink that was on special and sip that for the remainder of the night. All this was done because we were flat broke. The entire night cost about 15 bucks. Sidenote, burnetts liquor is sure to have taken years off my life.  Avoid at all cost.

So the question is why does this change? Why is that  just because you have a steady job, do you now feel the need to change a practice that saved you money ? Why dont we continue "Pre-Gaming" prior to our arrival at night spots?  Yes I know as young singles looking to attract  the opposite sex,  inviting a brand new love interest over prior to the club could be a little creepy.   Also I know that buying drinks is  what some use as their "in" for meeting people. Trust will go broke if you do not  follow the SOME of  practices used during your college years in your post college life.

How do you do it?? Easy.

Continue pregaming at your house prior to the club ( promise to use better liquor). Invite your crew over to your  place prior to the departure for the club. This allows you to “buy the first round”.  I drink makers marker when im celebrating at  $25 for 750 ml, if your walk into a bar and by a shot for a party of five you’ve already brought a would be bottle……  Inviting everyone over to my apartment allows for me to pay for the first couple of rounds for  far less than the price I would pay for at the bar. It also allows for the designated driver to be decided. If everyone wants to drink, then  you will save on the cab fare splitting it.  Never attempt to cut cost by driving tipsy!  Studies show that a DUI can cost  an average of  $10,000. That is not living cheap!  Also by taxing you will save on parking later in the night!

So you’ve decided to cab to the bar, finishing the bottle. You’ve brought the first couple of rounds and everyone is feeling great. You shouldn’t buy a drink the entire night!  Accept drinks, but don’t buy any drinks! Enjoy knowing the fact that you  got your drinks for the discounted price! Enjoy the music and good times with your friends.

Now what  about buying drinks for a beautiful woman??  Of course, because who goes to the club just to hang out with  the fellas anymore (read with sarcasm)…  first of all buying a drink is never the entry into  a conversation! One of the first times in a bar as a 21 year old, I spot this gorgeous  woman across the bar ordering a drink. I grab the bar tender mixing her drink and tell him I’m paying for her drink. I slide him my debit card and he delivers the drink to this woman. I play coy as she offers her payment and the bar tender declines pointing in my direction. This is one of the smoother things I've ever done........ I act as if I didn’t see the entire exchange and  had forgetten about the jester once she walks up. She greats me, thanking me for her drink and ask me my age….  I tell her im 21 and she comments how I'm just a baby and she walks away with my $15 investment in hand. Lesson learned the hard way......... That was 15 double cheese burgers, 15  dollar fries that she took from a college kid!  So how do you avoid a similar fate? Meet and mingle with  the ladies in the bar/club. But only buy a drink for a woman once she has brought her own drink during  your encounter or once a spark has been recognized between the two of you. Don’t be a drink sucker, you’ll go broke trust me!   There are women  who go to clubs flat broke hoping that men will buy them drinks in the club. A slight smile doesn’t mean she’s interested, she’s prob attempting to grab a drink. If there's a natural connection, be a gentleman buy the woman a drink!!!

Split the  cab fare on the way home,  and wake up  not scared to check your debit account the next morning.

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