Monday, June 29, 2015

Your shower shouldn't take longer than a Drake song..

Unless you lived under a rock for the last six years, you know who Aubrey “Drake” Graham is and I’m willing to bet my life that you’ve had your emotions change from listening to one of his songs on a long drive heading back to your hometown for the holidays after a break up…. I digress, but back to Drake. The point I’m attempting to make is- if by the chorus of a Drake song, if you can be rethinking your life, it can also provide a timer for you to realize it’s time to get out of the shower. Like seriously, a shower shouldn’t take longer than a Drake song. You mean to tell me that it takes more time for you to wash your body than it does to have an argument with yourself about whether to contact your ex (but stop short remembering all the hurt they caused you)? It takes you that much time to wash?You tell me Drake has enough time to drunk dial his ex on Marvin’s Room, have a full conversation over a catchy beat, in an attempt to get some late night loving, but you can’t shower in 5 minutes and 46 seconds? Seriously, lives have been altered during Drake songs and you’re telling me you can’t speed up something you’ve been doing your whole life? By now this should be like Steph Curry from three, a quick and thoughtless action. You have to cut your shower time down, to quote every mom in the world “You ain’t got that much to wash”!! A Drake song is all you need to get in the shower and wash the day’s filth off of yourself and hide the tears from the onset of emotions in the shower water. Once Aubrey is done spilling his soul, get out the shower!

All jokes aside, spending too long in the shower can drain your bank account! A year’s worth of lengthy showers could cost you about $1,500. I’m 100% in favor of showering EVERY DAY, but I’m also 100% against spending 10 minutes in the shower. Seriously think about it, if you took shorter showers you could quite possibly remodel the bathroom in a couple years! If you feel uncomfortable listening to Drake while you're in shower, set a timer on your cell phone. When the timer goes off, get out of the shower!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Matt LeMond’s Workout plan

You’ve missed the boat on getting  "2015 Beach season" ready, but it’s never too early to get a jump start for next year!  My good friend Matt LeMond put together an instructional workout video for those who want to change their current fitness situation. AND IT WONT COST YOU A DIME..... So stop watching vine compilations on youtube and watch something that will actually benefit you!!

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Twitter: @Matt_lemond909

The video was shot by Andrew LeMond (Twitter: @Akrynym)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Michael Jackson “Thriller” Album Date Night


The Thriller album may be the greatest album of all time. Nothing but danceable hits were recorded for this album.  I enjoy dancing, I enjoy Michael Jackson songs, but rarely do I get drunk enough to enjoy both during the moment where the DJ plays “I want you back"during his set. So I created the “Michael Jackson DateNight”.

You create a club in your living room and invite your partner over. Move all the furniture and prepare bar type food. Create a” drink special” and a tip jar just for laughs.  Make some wings for nibbles, shred some chicken and make quesadillas (left overs will be lunch the next day).

Dance the night away to Michael Jackson as if you were in as bar, breaking to “go to the bar” for another round of drinks. Go the extra mile and actually put money into the tip jar! What this does is provides you an opportunity to be silly with your partner and have a great time and laugh. You should break out all of your dad’s embarrassing dance moves.  Sing every note to PYT! Just because you’re living the cheap life doesn’t mean your partner should suffer. And if you’re living “The New Cheap” lifestyle it would be a seamless change from the time you wasted money on entertainment.
Here’s how you save, you save on the price for drinks and food. You save on cab fare to a club and admission into the club. Most of all, you save on the lasting embarrassment of video clips of you dancing to Thriller! You’ll wake up with memories to last a lifetime between you and your partner (priceless). Fellas, your lady will love the fact that you’re thinking outside the box for entertainment and that you’re secure enough to dance silly all night. Sidenote: If for some reason your partner doesn’t find it cool, dump em. Seriously, kick them out of the house immediately. Because who doesn’tlike Michael Jackson??? A crazy, unstable, creature of Satan and you need to remove them from your life…

- @TheNewCheap



Get Familiar - 2 Chainz's Most Expensivest Shit

If  you follow the @TheNewCheap instagram, you seen me break a pair Ray-Bans during the DJ Mustard show. My heart sank once I realized I had just ruined  sunglasses not a week old. But after watching 2 Chainz's Most Expensivest Shit, I realize it could've been much worse. Seriously, if the shades were $48K like the ones in this weeks video, I wouldve died.......  my life less body would've been  taken to the medical tent an in attempt to resuscitate , I wouldve awoke to my broken shades and died again...... 

Watch the recent installment of the GQ  series 2 Chainz's Most Expensivest Shit below.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

a DOLLAR and a Dream Tour

For current rappers out right now, J. Cole is top five (Cole, K.Dot , KRIT, Drake and Future.......not here to debate).....  J Cole recently announced his 2nd DOLLAR and a Dream Tour, where you get to see him in concert for only a single buck.  I'm seeing Cole later this summer and I'm definitely paying north of a $1 to support a fellow 910 native. Why is this cool?? Because even though Cole can pack  any North American venue,  he's still aware that  not everyone can afford the three digit ticket price to see him. So if you're in one of the cities for the Dollar and a Dream tour and you don't mind standing in line ALL day, make sure you attend when J.Cole comes into town! 

a DOLLAR and a Dream Tour promo video below.......



NOT @thenewcheap approved but it is Funny.....

NOT @thenewcheap approved but it is Funny.....


I don’t suggest you attempt to do this but it is funny as hell. Stooping to this level of cheap isn’t the aim of the blog and we don’t indorse it. BUT we will laugh at this!!!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"This aint got nothing to do with Money" - LeBron James

"This aint got nothing to do with Money"
LeBron James pays respect to Jim Brown
I'm not here to debate, LeBron James is the greatest player of our generation. Before game 2 of the NBA Finals Lebron paused to pay respect to possibly the greatest athlete of all time, Jim Brown. This was just a cool  moment for sports fans to see that level of respect for a legend like Brown.
And just so the @TheNewCheap loyalist dont get upset about the wasted time reading about sports........ Dont bet your money the on Warriors!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FireFly Music Festival

Like most American kids, I grew up looking forward to summers. Most of my summers were spent with my grandparents, who are flat out amazing! The Root of this blog is the things I learned from them. While both coming from humble roots, they had a desire to see everything this world had to offer and bring their loved ones along for the ride,
literally….. From the time I could remember, my grandparents had an RV and would take the grandchildren on road trips around the country. You name it, my grandparents and their ratpack of children has seen it. Seriously, it was the most random vacations you could imagine.  Did you know Dolly Parton has a theme park??? Yea- that happened one summer and it was AWESOME! I remember standing, watching my grandfather prepare
the RV for a trip as my grandmother prepared meals for the week’s travel so that we wouldn’t have to eat out the entire trip. Sitting on the RV, listening to stories from my grandparents’ childhood or sitting in the front of the RV looking at the open road. Some of the greatest moments of my childhood were spent on those trips.

Next week, I get the chance to relive my childhood and do an RV trip with my friends to the FIREFLY Music festival. If you know me personally, or have read the previous post, you know the love I have for live music! The Firefly music festival is hands down one of my favorite festivals. I had the chance to go last year to see Outkast and had to return this
year. For those of you who have never gone to a music yourself a favor and live a little. Like where else can you see Paul McCartney and Kid Cudi in the same venue?? Nowhere, that’s where! Festivals can get expensive once you add up ticket prices, food and
lodging for four days. Unless you live the @thenewcheap life!!!!!  I’m taking all the lessons learned on my summer vacations with my grandparents and applying it to this firefly festival trip.  And I’ll be documenting the whole trip on the @thenewcheap Instagram, so make
sure you follow. At the end of the trip I will provide the financial breakdown and overall recap for the weekend so that you can apply it to your festival experience.

PS. If anyone has any tips on convincing three women to take 3 minute showers in an effort to preserve a 37 gallon water tank, please send them our way @thenewcheap.




Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Engagement Ring Fund

I’ve never purchased an engagement ring, BUT I have walked into jewelry stores to see what my “3 month salary” could offer. Two things are for certain… future fiancĂ© will be happy for the amount of ring she’ll be getting and my checking account would take a strong
punch to the stomach seeing 3 months salary leaving, if it wasn’t for the “RING FUND”. What is the Ring Fund you ask?? It's the Floyd Mayweather plan of avoiding the huge blow of an engagement ring (Ladies: Floyd Mayweather is a really good defensive fighter who avoids being hit
while hitting his opponent). Here’s how it works, whenever I start dating a girl, I start the Ring Fund.I take all of my loose coins and put them into an old water cooler jug (similar to the ones gathered around at the office where you listen to old glory stories and bandwagon sports fans). Throughout the course of the relationship I continue to put change in this jug. When the time comes to go and purchase a ring, I’ll just take all of the change and there goes the down payment. My
bank account won’t take a hit for the ring this way. If you deal only in cash, you could create a reason to put money into the jar. I force myself to break bills to get the change just so that I can put money
into the jar.  IF you’re REALLY cheap, encourage your girl to put her lose change in the jar   (don’t tell her what the funds will eventually go to). I personally don’t suggest this because even though I’m all about this @thenewcheap lifestyle, I’m not cheap enough to ask a woman to help purchase her own engagement ring.

I already know the question you’re going to ask…. What happens when you break up with this potential fiancĂ©??? EASY….. Take that money and dump it into your savings account. Don’t think you have an unexpected cash flow to blow at the bars finding a rebound. Put the money into a savings account and get ready to start the ring fund all over again. Let’s be honest here...first, buy yourself a bottle of Jack Daniels and the Usher Confessions album, then put the rest into your savings.


Should Women Pay on the First Date?

Found this on BuzzFeed, and thought I'd share....... Should woman pay for the first date??? I have my feelings on this topic which I will share in a future post. But just to start the conversation please  see the below video!
                                           Should Women Pay On The First Date?


Monday, June 1, 2015

Grow an Herb Garden and SAVE MONEY!!!


I know it's hard to believe folks, but I grew up farming and helping raise livestock. Yes, the man who has a closet full of custom tailored suits grew up running through the  fields of North Carolina bare foot. Those times have passed for me, and these days the closest I get to growing anything is my herb garden. Sure, I could buy herbs at the store, but they would be more expensive. With that being said, not only is having fresh herbs in my home cheaper than buying them at the store, my herb garden also forces me to cook at home. Seeing and smelling those herbs growing on my deck is like a constant incentive to throw something on the grill. For me, that is way more enticing than the thought of going out to eat and spend too much money on a meal that won't be as good. Also, if you’re trying to learn new dishes to cook, an herb garden is the perfect way to ignite that fire. Research a few recipes that you’re interested in, find the common herb, and grow it! If you look at the picture of my herbs, you would notice I'm growing mint. My inspiration for the mint? I want to make mint chocolate chip ice cream from scratch! For the fellas, I shouldn't have to spell it out for you....  have a movie night at the house with you and your lady making mint chocolate chip ice cream (Thank me later)!!  Save the money and impress your partner  by showing off your green thumb!!