Friday, August 28, 2015

Buy a Flask

Buy a flask

At this point in life, you should have a quality mattress, savings account and a flask. This summer I realized the importance of the flask. The older you get, more events you attend will not serve liquor and that’s alright. It should never be an expectation the host to provide you with endless amounts of liquor. In those situation it's great to bring a flask. Most flask fit in the lining of suit jackets and even the most tapered suits. No matter what the event, you always have your personal bar. BUT don't bring a flask inside the church, I'm all for a sip or two but I doubt God would categorize my bourbon with the wine used for communion.There is nothing better than sneaking liquor into a concert. Can I pay for drinks at the show?! Of course!!!  But I rather gamble and attempt to sneak my trusty plastic flask in. If they catch me with it (which never happens), then I give it up and charge it to the game.

 I pour straight liquor into my flask and place it in my pocket.  If mixed drinks are your thing order some soda to go along with the contents of your flask.This my friends is a lot cheaper than buying drinks all night for the two of you. For long flights purchase airplane size bottles prior to arriving at the airport. Airport prices for a sandwich can cost your first born child, imagine what a mixed drink would run you. Airplane size bottles fit snuggly in your carry-on and mix great with the complimentary soda provided.

 I know we’re all responsible adults here but I must say, Don’t drink and drive folks! Don’t ruin your good time with a DUI or harming yourself or others. Paying for an uber is always cheaper than a DUI! Just take a taxi after that good time. If you know me personally, call me! And I’ll pick you up no questioned asked! Just know you will be paying for waffle house on the way home!

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