Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FireFly Music Festival

Like most American kids, I grew up looking forward to summers. Most of my summers were spent with my grandparents, who are flat out amazing! The Root of this blog is the things I learned from them. While both coming from humble roots, they had a desire to see everything this world had to offer and bring their loved ones along for the ride,
literally….. From the time I could remember, my grandparents had an RV and would take the grandchildren on road trips around the country. You name it, my grandparents and their ratpack of children has seen it. Seriously, it was the most random vacations you could imagine.  Did you know Dolly Parton has a theme park??? Yea- that happened one summer and it was AWESOME! I remember standing, watching my grandfather prepare
the RV for a trip as my grandmother prepared meals for the week’s travel so that we wouldn’t have to eat out the entire trip. Sitting on the RV, listening to stories from my grandparents’ childhood or sitting in the front of the RV looking at the open road. Some of the greatest moments of my childhood were spent on those trips.

Next week, I get the chance to relive my childhood and do an RV trip with my friends to the FIREFLY Music festival. If you know me personally, or have read the previous post, you know the love I have for live music! The Firefly music festival is hands down one of my favorite festivals. I had the chance to go last year to see Outkast and had to return this
year. For those of you who have never gone to a music festival...do yourself a favor and live a little. Like where else can you see Paul McCartney and Kid Cudi in the same venue?? Nowhere, that’s where! Festivals can get expensive once you add up ticket prices, food and
lodging for four days. Unless you live the @thenewcheap life!!!!!  I’m taking all the lessons learned on my summer vacations with my grandparents and applying it to this firefly festival trip.  And I’ll be documenting the whole trip on the @thenewcheap Instagram, so make
sure you follow. At the end of the trip I will provide the financial breakdown and overall recap for the weekend so that you can apply it to your festival experience.

PS. If anyone has any tips on convincing three women to take 3 minute showers in an effort to preserve a 37 gallon water tank, please send them our way @thenewcheap.




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