Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Engagement Ring Fund

I’ve never purchased an engagement ring, BUT I have walked into jewelry stores to see what my “3 month salary” could offer. Two things are for certain… future fiancé will be happy for the amount of ring she’ll be getting and my checking account would take a strong
punch to the stomach seeing 3 months salary leaving, if it wasn’t for the “RING FUND”. What is the Ring Fund you ask?? It's the Floyd Mayweather plan of avoiding the huge blow of an engagement ring (Ladies: Floyd Mayweather is a really good defensive fighter who avoids being hit
while hitting his opponent). Here’s how it works, whenever I start dating a girl, I start the Ring Fund.I take all of my loose coins and put them into an old water cooler jug (similar to the ones gathered around at the office where you listen to old glory stories and bandwagon sports fans). Throughout the course of the relationship I continue to put change in this jug. When the time comes to go and purchase a ring, I’ll just take all of the change and there goes the down payment. My
bank account won’t take a hit for the ring this way. If you deal only in cash, you could create a reason to put money into the jar. I force myself to break bills to get the change just so that I can put money
into the jar.  IF you’re REALLY cheap, encourage your girl to put her lose change in the jar   (don’t tell her what the funds will eventually go to). I personally don’t suggest this because even though I’m all about this @thenewcheap lifestyle, I’m not cheap enough to ask a woman to help purchase her own engagement ring.

I already know the question you’re going to ask…. What happens when you break up with this potential fiancé??? EASY….. Take that money and dump it into your savings account. Don’t think you have an unexpected cash flow to blow at the bars finding a rebound. Put the money into a savings account and get ready to start the ring fund all over again. Let’s be honest here...first, buy yourself a bottle of Jack Daniels and the Usher Confessions album, then put the rest into your savings.


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