Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Michael Jackson “Thriller” Album Date Night


The Thriller album may be the greatest album of all time. Nothing but danceable hits were recorded for this album.  I enjoy dancing, I enjoy Michael Jackson songs, but rarely do I get drunk enough to enjoy both during the moment where the DJ plays “I want you back"during his set. So I created the “Michael Jackson DateNight”.

You create a club in your living room and invite your partner over. Move all the furniture and prepare bar type food. Create a” drink special” and a tip jar just for laughs.  Make some wings for nibbles, shred some chicken and make quesadillas (left overs will be lunch the next day).

Dance the night away to Michael Jackson as if you were in as bar, breaking to “go to the bar” for another round of drinks. Go the extra mile and actually put money into the tip jar! What this does is provides you an opportunity to be silly with your partner and have a great time and laugh. You should break out all of your dad’s embarrassing dance moves.  Sing every note to PYT! Just because you’re living the cheap life doesn’t mean your partner should suffer. And if you’re living “The New Cheap” lifestyle it would be a seamless change from the time you wasted money on entertainment.
Here’s how you save, you save on the price for drinks and food. You save on cab fare to a club and admission into the club. Most of all, you save on the lasting embarrassment of video clips of you dancing to Thriller! You’ll wake up with memories to last a lifetime between you and your partner (priceless). Fellas, your lady will love the fact that you’re thinking outside the box for entertainment and that you’re secure enough to dance silly all night. Sidenote: If for some reason your partner doesn’t find it cool, dump em. Seriously, kick them out of the house immediately. Because who doesn’tlike Michael Jackson??? A crazy, unstable, creature of Satan and you need to remove them from your life…

- @TheNewCheap



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