Monday, June 1, 2015

Grow an Herb Garden and SAVE MONEY!!!


I know it's hard to believe folks, but I grew up farming and helping raise livestock. Yes, the man who has a closet full of custom tailored suits grew up running through the  fields of North Carolina bare foot. Those times have passed for me, and these days the closest I get to growing anything is my herb garden. Sure, I could buy herbs at the store, but they would be more expensive. With that being said, not only is having fresh herbs in my home cheaper than buying them at the store, my herb garden also forces me to cook at home. Seeing and smelling those herbs growing on my deck is like a constant incentive to throw something on the grill. For me, that is way more enticing than the thought of going out to eat and spend too much money on a meal that won't be as good. Also, if you’re trying to learn new dishes to cook, an herb garden is the perfect way to ignite that fire. Research a few recipes that you’re interested in, find the common herb, and grow it! If you look at the picture of my herbs, you would notice I'm growing mint. My inspiration for the mint? I want to make mint chocolate chip ice cream from scratch! For the fellas, I shouldn't have to spell it out for you....  have a movie night at the house with you and your lady making mint chocolate chip ice cream (Thank me later)!!  Save the money and impress your partner  by showing off your green thumb!!

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