Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's your Birthday!!

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday. The older you get the
easier it is to forget that you’re having a birthday (thank God for
the endless Facebook notifications). How you celebrate your birthday
changes as you grow up. Gone are the days of drinking the entire day
away. Now, you want spend your day with loved ones and live a new
cheap life style! So, how do you do this? How do you have a good
weekend without spending all your birthday cash (the amount changes
the older you get folks)? One of my favorite things about my birthday
is the birthday coupons I receive. Whenever I go to a new restaurant, I always
ask if they have an online membership. I join while sitting in and
eating, and throughout the year I’m bombarded with emails on new features and
deals being offered. The real jewel of the membership is the birthday
coupon! Once a year, these restaurants send out coupons for your
birthday! There are two ways you can proceed with these coupons; you could
keep them for yourself or share them with people who are taking you
out to eat over your birthday weekend. If you choose to keep the
coupons, you can eat at some of your favorite restaurants for a fraction of
the cost. If you choose the other alternative, when people ask to take
you to dinner, offer your coupon during payment. It’s a very nice
way to say thank you for taking you to dinner! An extension off that is
using them on a date! Don’t feel ashamed about using coupons on a
date, if a potential life partner can’t respect your savviness for
saving money…. They are not the one!!

So go sign up for the online memberships for your favorite restaurants
the first chance you get! Also, Happy birthday to me!!

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