Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear @thenewcheap.....

My girlfriends and I would love to plan a weekend getaway. None of us have ever been wine tasting and would like to try it. We want to get out of Augusta, but don't want to end up somewhere that's for couples. We each have about 200 we can spend and that has to include the hotel!
Pleeeeeease can you help us out?!

Mommy’s who need to get out.

 Dear Mom in need of a break,

A weekend centered around wine tasting is a great idea for moms! A $200 budget is more than enough for a great weekend! Here’s the plan. I fully understand that a vacation doesn’t truly feel like a vacation if you don’t leave your area. So, it’s important to get away from Augusta so that you can relax. We must also keep in mind that in the event that something happens with the children, a mom would need to get home quickly. I would scan a 2 hour radius from home for a small winery. Why a small relatively unknown winery? You mentioned that no one in the group has been to a wine tasting, so it’s better to start small. Once you’ve been to a couple of wine tastings and know if you enjoy the event, then maybe splurge on a nicer one. Because let’s be honest, I could give you ladies wine out of the garage, and as long as you don’t hear a child cry for an hour it would be a great time spent by all. Wineries are usually nested in bubbling areas to provide for visitors to the winery. Find a hotel, with a large suite style room. I grew up in a house full of women and I know that when women are getting dressed, it is a team event. So, there’s no need to make your group run franticly up and down the hall for contouring tools (I mentioned a make-up technique, I deserve a 1000 points). Another benefit of having a suite style room is the number of people that can fit into these rooms comfortably. Pack snacks, and I’m not talking goldfish or fruit snacks! While the ladies are getting ready, you’re going to want to snack on something. Each lady should bring a snack for the group that everyone can share while getting dressed. 
One of the benefits of this weekend is that you don’t have someone kicking you in your back all night, so while we want to save money, don’t over cram people into the room. If someone is short on cash in the group, bring an air mattress. Because once the attempt to navigate the club scene fails (you’ve been out of the game to long, and  plus you have cheerio’s in your purse!) you’ll end up in the room watching movies with everyone is falling asleep where they can. Make sure you select a hotel that serves breakfast, this will cut down on food and travel cost! 
Travel...there are so many taxi services available for you ladies to travel with.  Share the cost of travel and keep it to a minimum.
Shopping: I’m a realist, you’re not going to get this many women together and there not be gossip and shopping! Set aside the money that you want to shop with, and spend only that. Spend that money on only yourself! This weekend is for you, so no need to feel like you have to get something for everyone back home. The present that they will receive is a happy refreshed mom upon her return. They will be alright if you don’t bring them back something, and let’s be honest, when’s the last time you bought something for yourself? Some extra tips; choose a hotel that has a loyalty/rewards program and join it. After your stay, you’ll receive the reward points for future travel that can be used on the next “Mommy weekend”. Encourage everyone to bring their favorite wine to share while getting ready. Wine tasting is just that, a small tasting! So, it’s important to get your wine fill before and/or afterwards. Research the restaurants in the area prior to your trip to see who offers the best deals/specials for your party size. Most importantly, enjoy yourselves and get some much needed and well deserved R&R!

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