Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Main Event!!!

This is a huge weekend for sports! College football playoffs on Thursday (January 1st), NFL wildcard Playoff games on Saturday and MMA fight later Saturday night!  If you’re a red blooded human being you’re excited about these sporting events! Now, if you’re a person trying to live the new cheap life, you realize there are ways to view all of these games without breaking the bank!  If your mom is like my mom, a huge meal will be cooked on New Year’s Day. Go over there, eat, and watch the games!  Since your turning your parent’s home into your personal sports bar, take your mother some flowers. Moms love flowers, and somehow flowers from your kid translate to $500 in US currency. We got Thursday covered, so now let’s tackle the wildcard games & MMA event on Saturday.  The challenge here is that the MMA fight is PPV (Pay-Per View), so you’ll have to fork over the money if you intend to watch this. The alternative to this is going to a sports bar to watch. Most bars request a cover to enter on PPV events. Once you’re inside the bar, you’re sure to want drinks and food.  You could easily rack up the cost of the cost of the PPV event, inside of a crowded bar.  I suggest you buy the PPV, and invite a group of your friends over to watch at your home.  Request that each person bring something to the viewing party. Also, if you want to have drinks, request that everyone bring a six pack of their personal favorite.  Encourage everyone to try the different types of beer available. If you’re running short on the guest list, allow your friends to invite others to the party. (This won’t work if you don’t have a large enough TV; it’s tough to host a fight party with a 32inch TV).   Now please keep in mind it will be tough for guys to get away from their girlfriends for an entire day, so it is likely you will have female guests at this party. It is your job as the host to make sure they stay engaged to the sporting events. There are all types of betting pools that allow non-sports fans to take interest in the game. One that comes to mind is the football squares game. It’s fun, easy, and doesn’t require much knowledge to make a bet. 

There you have it, a quick and easy way to make it through this great sports filled weekend while living the New Cheap Lifestlye!


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