Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This past weekend I got the chance to fly out to Tucson Arizona for a weekend of relaxing and catching up with friends. Ten years ago I was a college freshman who used Tucson as one of my playgrounds, as my college was in a neighboring town. Getting the chance to spend a weekend reminiscing was amazing. This amazing weekend cost me next to nothing for how much fun I had. Starting off with travel to the airport, I was able to search and find park and fly deals offered prior to my trip. This way, I didn't have to pay or bother someone with taking me to the airport. The price to leave my car was about $4 a day which is far less expensive than a cab. This also allowed me to leave and arrive at any time without being constricted by someone else’s availability. Once I got into Arizona, I was picked up by a friend and taken directly to IN and OUT! This is my favorite fast food restaurant, so I was excited!  In and out is pretty cheap for the quality food they offer, so this wasn't a major expense!  And it was only for ONE meal, didnt eat there everyday!
For the majority of the trip, I stayed with friends. This was important, because hotel costs can get very expensive. Typically when you are in a different city, you'll want to try to local food. That is definitely what I did  this trip.  BUT you must also challenge yourself to monitor your spending. Set an allowance for each day. Also take a free meal where ever you can. If your friends are offering to cook instead of going out, take them up on it! However, if you must go out, make sure you scan for the best deals prior to going out. My credit card was offering a deal for money spent at a certain sports bar that's nationally known. That was the first option for were my group of friends choose to watch the game. Normally  I would stay alway from bars to watch sporting events but when out of town I had to readjust. The best thing you could do is search for the best deal.
While I was there, I got the chance to go to the foothills. The foothills are an amazing desert terrain prefect for hiking and bike riding. Why is this a great option?? Because when you’re flying to a city to catch up with friends a hiking trail offers the perfect place to do so. Walk the trail and chat about the happenings of each other's lives. If you have noticed yet, the way your friends choose to hang out after college drastically changes. Gone are the days of drinking until you pass out. Don’t be the friend who still fights to hold on to the life style like Frank the Tank! Going on a hike with a friend also allows you get a workout in, because if you spent the weekend eating Mexican food, you’ll definitely need to work off the LBs! If drinking is your thing and you want to do a lot of it while on vacation, just buy a bottle prior to arriving to your location. Never meet your friends for just drinks, drinks can be had at a hotel or home for a fraction of the cost. It was a great weekend, and I didn’t over spend. I actually spent less than I set aside as my budget. Hopefully you are able to use some of these techniques for your next travel!

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