Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fashion for the New Cheap By Briana Young

Men, I've got to tell you... 2015 it's time to start stepping out of your comfort zone, and moving into the spotlight. Before you start adding up potential cost for the spotlight, know that I'm definitely a "New Cheap-er". I know there is a way to get the look you've always wanted to but for far less than you thought you'd have to pay!

Personally, I LOVE to save and look good while doing it! So, when I talk with male clients about their fears of upgrading their wardrobe and I hear cost being one of the major setbacks, it upsets me a great deal! In an effort to give others a glimpse at dressing for this “New Cheap” lifestyle, I will be posting outfit combinations that will literally shock you for how NEW Cheap they are! I've been styling for a long time. I think the biggest problem men have is not stepping out of their comfort zone to find great pieces that fit their budget. Stay tuned on The New Cheap to stay up to date with the latest trends, at reasonable prices!

Every man needs a dark denim button up, grey chinos, and great accessories to match! Your pockets will love you, and the ladies will too! Check the links below to check out these items! Dress in style for less than $55!

Don't forget to tag us in your pics, and show us how you styled this look!

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