Thursday, October 1, 2015

It’s time to buy an engagement ring…..


It’s time to buy an engagement ring…..


Fall is upon us- winter is right around the corner. Your Facebook timeline will be filled with engagement pictures with the same hashtags #isaidyes (vomit). It seems like we can’t enjoy a day of football and home cooked meals without pictures of holiday proposals. I wont knock your cliche hustle but if this sounds like something you are attempting to do… start shopping NOW. The biggest rackets in the world are the makeup and engagement ring industry. Of course the diamond folks at your local jewelry store know what time it is, so engagement rings will be marked up during the winter months. So if you’re looking to lock in with bae, start looking for that ring now (I only used “bae” because my little cousin told me it was cool, I apologize if it was used incorrectly). While this is no attempt to sway you over to my methods, I am providing the strategy I plan on using.

Fellas and Ladies who are looking to propose ( #lovewins), the number one thing you have to realize is, the ring isn’t about what you think. Sure you have to “pick”, but the opinion ultimately lies with your spouse’s friends and families. I suggest bringing these folks and getting them up to speed. There’s always that one friend your girlfriend has that you would still call your friend regardless of the common connection with your partner. You should call that person up and ask them to accompany you. Girls tell each other EVERYTHING, and I’m willing to bet my life that this person knows exactly what your partner wants. Next, you need to bring a family member of yours. Family involvement is essential to a union; why not include them in the ring selection process? Last, but not least (arguably, the most important), bring the BOUGIE friend. We all have that one friend, always asking what you’re wearing and if it isn’t designer they aren’t wearing it! This friend is most often single. Why do you invite her?? If this bougie person signs off, you have the blessings of the upper (middle) class. Now I know what you are thinking, this is a runaway train to a jewelry store. To avoid spending your life savings, go to the jewelry store alone first to have a discussion with the jeweler. Explain a few things, start off by telling them how much your lady means to you. Remember, you aren’t buying a car, it’s not about having a stare down over offer sheets. This is the love of your life, and if you’re buying an engagement ring, you’re planning on spending the rest of your life with her. By telling the jeweler how much you care about your partner, this lets them know that you and the team should be a priority. And you’d be amazed what jewelers do for true love….. The last thing you need to discuss is the price. When your team comes in, have all of your preselected rings put in front of them for their choosing. They are only going to pick out of the batch that you chose and can afford. Ask the jeweler to remove the prices so the bougie friend doesn’t use that as a measuring stick. This is done months in advance to the actual date that you want to propose!!!! So start now, outside of wedding season. You then talk with the jeweler about pricing, get the discounted price he’s offering you. Most stores get their Black Friday sales around October, so don’t be afraid to ask what they will be offering. THEN check online to see if this discount can be used elsewhere. Sure, you have a relationship with this jeweler at this point but you also have to keep in mind the cost of the wedding and the house. If you’ve read the blog and follow our suggestions, you have a ring fund saved up. Go into the store and purchase the ring with your rewards credit card. As soon as you get into your car, PAY THE RING OFF (and use the rewards dollars to start the wedding fund).


You’re welcome.


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  1. Cant stand the engagement pics...maybe because im not engaged