Monday, September 21, 2015

$ave Dat Money

One of my good friends and supporters of the New Cheap sent me this song a while back. I listened while at the office and completely forgot about it. I just can’t see myself telling my coworkers I'm
listening to the new "Lil Dicky" mixtape- I swear it's NOT because he's white! I support white rappers in hip hop! (Eminem's verse on renegade was the only time I've heard Jay-Z get worked on a song).
But back to Lil Dicky. I like the concept of the song and can see what he's attempting to do. I applaud his efforts to provide financial literacy over a catchy beat. I actually agree with just about everything in this song. As you can guess, saving money isn’t really a thing in hip hop, but throw it over a catchy beat and I'm sure people will dance to it. Supporters of trap rap say that the music doesn't make people want to trap, and that’s fine by me. Let's hope Lil Dickey has the opposite effect. Either way  “$ave Dat Money” satirically delivers a breath of fresh air to the genre.

                                                       $ave dat Money

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