Monday, October 5, 2015

The New "Lit"

You're getting old- it's time to face it!!
Listen folks, it's time we wake up and smell the coffee. We're getting old. Either you can bow out gracefully or end your career looking like Shaq in a Celtics jersey. We had a good run- a hall of fame worthy one, but it's time we retire. What are we retiring from? The idea that weekends should be spent “turning up” in bars and clubs. Listen, I’m no saint on this issue. I’ve been there and have two t-shirts to prove it! There was a time I would walk out of the office on Friday and become a different person. Gone was the quiet guy sitting at his desk listening to smooth jazz and here was hype man for the rapper Future, ready to spend the weekend messing up commas. Nowadays the turn up days are few and far between. While I’ve known this day would come, this summer was my first year of full retirement. All things considered, I probably had one of the greatest summers of my life. Sure I had a couple of bar nights in there but those weren’t the highlights. The highlights were baby gender reveal parties, laser tag birthday parties, and these two past weekends.
The past two weekends were spent with family and friends. One weekend was spent in my hometown for a family reunion and the other sitting around a house watching Disney movies with my friends and their two year old daughter. No craziness. Life is all about progression. You have to grow to a point where you realize what’s important. These days I realize watching Aladdin with a 2 year old who's never seen it is far more rewarding than being drunk in these city streets. With this growth, you will save money for what's important. Instead of buying a round of fireball shots, you can buy ingredients to make smores with the children in your life. That is a memory that they you will hold on to forever. Everything that happened this weekend was monumental and will be remembered forever. Trust and believe, I am not telling you to give up drinking on weekends! Because after that UGA and BAMA game, we ALL needed a drink (Go Dawgs!). But as you sip on that drink and look at your surroundings, can you really be upset? You’re amongst family and friends having a dance party to Beyoncé and your wallet hasn't left your pocket all weekend. Some would call that lame or boring- the complete opposite of "lit" aka a good time. As you know, we at the new cheap like to change the meaning of words. With that said, my weekend of Disney movies, football, and takeout was "lit"!!  It's lit because you’ve grown to adulthood and realize it is good time spent with the people you love.   And I will never chastise your spending when it's TIME with people you love. So enjoy growing up!

- @TheNewCheap

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