Thursday, September 10, 2015

This ain't got nothing to do with money - Kendrick Lamar

Like most of you, I grew up in the golden age of Hip Hop. I can remember riding to school to Wu-Tang records in the back of my cousins Honda Civic. Some of the greatest memories of my life are surrounded by music. Unfortunately much of  the music today doesn't  give that same feeling as the first time you hear Big's Juicy. But this young king Kendrick Lamar reminds you that hip hop is still alive. Streaming services allow you to hear an album in its entirety prior to purchasing it. So when " to Pimp Butterfly" came out I went to give it a listen and got that old school hip feelings. Those songs made me feel something that hasn't been felt since Lauryn hill's MTV unplugged album. I spend money for quality, theres no cheap way to buy a new  record and in supporting an artist like Kendrick I don't need one. Because if you don't support the artist saying something, you will get alot more of the bullshit.

Kendrick preformed for the late show with Steven Colbert and we wanted to share with those who have been living under a rock missing out on this great talent.

Kendrick Lamar Performs ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ Medley on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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