Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It takes a village to make a care package

It takes a village to make a care package.

There are many joys to college life, the first two weeks (a father's nightmare) , homecoming weekend and spring breaks etc. But nothing is better than arriving to the post office to find that you have a care package. For those of you that never went off to college, this is the highlight of the mail experience.  After college you will grow to hate the mail experience due to that crazy woman Sallie Mae. Relatives often send a package of everything they think you may need while off at school. In my care package was always a years worth of roman noodles , pop tarts, candy and deodorant ..... basically all of the essentials niave adults thought I needed while studying to change the world . Why am I telling you folks about this?? Because you should come together and send a kid a care package. Why?? you may ask, should you care about some kids receiving a care package? If the entire family came together once every month to send a kid a care package it would save everyone money. It would  also help a college kid focus on his/her studies (plus allow them to spend their money on what counts.... booze and  club cover charges).

So send out an email to all of the family and notify everyone that you’re putting together a care package for your kid cousin, who’s away "studying hard". If everyone drops in a $10, imagine what could be purchased for the kid?

Does giving $10 a month provide you with some type of financial return? NO but one of the cool things about living the New Cheap life, is having extra money to do good for others.You cant spend life always thinking of what you will get in return. But for those of you that need a little extra incentive , college kids  often get  college sporting event tickets for free. If you’re the organizer for these care packages, I’d imagine you may get a few tickets for free.

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