Monday, May 18, 2015

Wedding advice from an unmarried guy....

Weddings are the first introduction of a new couple to their collective group of friends and families. So you have to be careful cutting corners to save a dollar, because while most guys won’t notice
anything other than the liquor choices at the reception; women will have a E! news themed debate about the décor of the event…….. So how do you do it? To be honest I don’t have the answer for you, give me another year or so and I’ll be better suited to provide guidance. But I will give those who are planning a wedding, insight from someone who has attended their fair share of weddings.


Don’t feel obligated to provide liquor to your guest. We’re all adults
here, and if we want to get drunk, we can to do that on our own time. One of the coolest offerings of drinks at a wedding was the His and Hers drink, the bride and groom served their favorite drinks as the only liquor drinks at the reception. Served in MASON jars!!


At my core I'm just a country boy who likes to feel like I'm at a summer cookout while at a wedding. Find the nearest country part of your city and get a whole pig cooked for the wedding and do a bunch of sides. This creates a relaxed fun environment for your reception, where people are comfortable and more likely to have a good time.


If I was planning a wedding, I would just rent the DJ equipment and let the wedding party take turns playing their favorite songs. (My DJ friends will hate me) But do you seriously need an aspiring DJ Khaled promoting his Mixtape at your reception? On the Bride and Grooms day, I’d prefer to dance to what they enjoy dancing too.

I don’t have anything when it comes to the ceremony, cause I would
honestly be okay with doing it at the court house, even though I'm sure I won’t be able to go that route LOL. For a more tips I’ve attached a Buzzfeed article I came across to help with saving some dime on your big day!

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