Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Live music for less....

If you’re a music fan, you know that seeing your favorite group live, is always an experience. However, chances are the live show comes with a hefty price tag. No matter how great a band is you shouldn’t have to decide between whether to eat or attend a concert! So what is a music lover to do???  Of course there are rare occasions where you fork over top dollar to attend a concert (ie…Prince, Jay-Z or  Beyoncé). So to keep your dollars in your pocket while attending live shows, you have to catch an artist before they reach mainstream. For example, catching Kanye during the College Dropout years, is a lot cheaper than the Yeezus tour. Seeing artist early also brings a sense of pride-being one of the first to recognize their greatness.

I recently got the chance to do just that! A new group Ibeyi, a French-cuban musical duo consisting of twin sisters, Lisa-kainde and Naomi Diaz.  Their music can be best described as a mash up of Frank Ocean and James Blake, over modern Afro-Cuban rhythms.

A group of my fellow music lovers and I took the train into the city, rather than driving our personal vehicles. We decided to take public transit because after gas, tolls and parking- it was cheaper than driving ourselves. If you plan on drinking at the concert, it is always better to take public transit-much cheaper than getting a DUI.  Drinking and driving is never an option, not even when it comes to saving money!! So if you choose to drive to the concert, always have a designated driver and make sure your DD eats for free!  Their meals should be paid for by the concert group, since the DD has to put up with the drunkenness.

Once we arrived to the venue, we stopped at a local bar for food and drinks, before the concert.  Before deciding on a bar, I googled to see what location offered the best “happy hour” special. NEVER attempt to wait to get inside of a concert to have a snack or drinks. Once inside the concert, there is no competition to push down prices, so you’ll end up spending almost double for food you could’ve purchased on the outside. OR you could always eat at home!!

Ibeyi gives an AMAZING show, and the venue was extremely intimate. I considered my $15 well spent! After the concert, we trained out of the city and continued on our way home. As Ibeyi’s popularity grows, so will the concert ticket prices, however, I will always be able to reflect back on the time I was able to enjoy them live for only $15!!! (Links to a couple of their songs below)





Faithful  ( my personal favorite)

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