Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eat the fish and spit out the bones- The Dame Dash Interview


Like many of the children of the late 80’s, I grew up idolizing Rocafella Records. While every person under the sun knows co-creator Jay-Z, whether it be for his wife or the fact that he’s the greatest rapper EVER ( We’re not debating hip-hop here…..). Outside the hip hop world, many don’t know Dam Dash. Dam Dash was the master mind of the Rocafella movement, part Suge Knight and part Puff Daddy.

Recently Dam Dash took the Breakfast Club to discuss a new film he produced staring a host of hip hops elite. During the course of the interview things got a little off track. Dam went on to spend majority of the interview making statements like, “ How can you be a man if you have a boss” and “real men don’t have jobs”.....

See for yourself.....

A wise man once told me, you have learn how to eat fish and spit out the bones. This is one of the situations… Is dame Dash 100% wrong?? No, I’m all for entrepreneurship!! But I also love my career and understand the requirement to have one. And for someone who doesn't come from wealth, I need to use profits from my career to fund my personal business. So hearing Dame make comments urging people to quit their jobs, I realize how irresponsible those comments are. Because there will undoubtedly be someone to take him serious. The “fish” that I got out of that conversation, was that everyone should have a “hustle”. Your 9-5 shouldn’t be the only form of income you have coming in!! God forbid you get fired or laid off you need to be able to sustain your lifestyle. Exploring your entrepreneurial spirit allows for an additional avenue of income. It allows you to be your own boss. At this stage of life you should be creating your own brand! I personally love the comment “ hustle for your last name not your first”. And the question, "can you give your son a job?"

Your job is just that, a job. It allows you to provide for your family and the lifestyle you want to live. Take pride in having a job, and strive to excel at your profession! But also create something of your own, something you could give to your son.


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