Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The saddest thing I ever saw was Michael Jordan in a wizards uniform….

I feel like I grew up in a great sports era; the Braves were competitive, the Cowboys were winning championships and Michael Jordan sat on the throne as the greatest player in the world. For those of you too young to remember, MJ could do no wrong. He could dunk on your favorite player then transition to starring in your kid sister’s favorite movie. When I got my first pair of Jordans, I literally put them by the front door in anticipation to wear them the first day back from Christmas break. I remember vividly getting a Jordan jersey for Christmas (thanks to my uncle and aunt), and wearing it daily until my mother put her foot down.

The ending of that great sports era was when Jordan put on that Wizards jersey. I couldn’t watch a single Wizard's game while Jordan was on the roster. It was awkward and uncomfortable to see. Can you imagine seeing your youth pastor at the strip club? That's how I felt and I wished I could banish it from my memory forever. I get the same feeling seeing people “playing the field” past their prime…

I know what you’re saying, this is supposed to be a financial based blog, why are you giving dating advice? Hear me out, what's worse than seeing a friend who hasn't made that transition to letting go of the "roster"?? Yes, it feels just like having to see MJ in that Wizards jersey. Time to give it up playa, hit that game winning jumper over Bryon Russell and stick to selling those sneakers and Hanes T-shirts. I know what you're asking, "What does this have to do with money?" "Why am I telling you to give up the player lifestyle?" Lets look this over based off the old rules I was familiar with.

You have a Main chick/star player or a bae (whatever you kids are calling it these days). You're guaranteed to spend money on this person including birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day and numerous other occasions. The idiots have the sidepiece, this isn’t the main chick/star but you spend a good deal of time with them. I know the old school playas will insist they don’t spend any money on the sidepiece, but I call BS on that. Its 2015 my dawg, Olivia Pope has made being a sidepiece a prestigious position. There is no way you're forgetting your sidepiece's birthday these days. I don't care if you're Bishop Don Magic Juan and keep your sidepiece in line, you’re still spending a great deal of time fostering that relationship. And guess what bud, time is money. See you silly rabbit, even though you don’t “trick off" on your sidepiece you're still spending money on her. That time you spend on your sidepiece, you could be educating yourself , building job skills or fostering the relationship with the person you truly want to be with. Worst case scenario, a players only meeting occurs and they realize the coach isn’t necessary. You will lose all the time and money spent on both people. Then you’re back to square one club hopping searching for another person to love. And let me be honest with you, Charles Barkley, just because you change teams doesn’t get you any closer to a championship.

As your financial voice of reason, I beg you to lock in on one person. Regardless  of how young you are, you're too old to be out here juggling multiples. If that's what you choose, you'll end up looking like Jordan in a Wizards jersey. A great player playing past his prime, and too prideful to admit it.


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