Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dear @thenewcheap..... "you aint got no yeezy"

Dear The New Cheap,

Please, please, please, help me out!! I'm trying to get my man an amazing "I think you're the best" present and he's been mentioning how much he likes the new Yeezys. Well...They are $400 and he's not that great! JK!! Is there any where I can get them for a better price? I would really like for him to have them!!

Thank you!

If you're attempting to buy sneakers you have to realize one thing... Coveted sneakers are like the pretty girl in high school. At an early age, she knows her worth and not many people ever get the chance to interact with her. If you're going to buy the Yeezys, you'll have to wait until they become over weight and have multiple children. Basically, there isn't a @thenewcheap way of purchasing these shoes without giving up way more than the retail price of $350. The only thing to do, if you really want these sneakers, is to sit back and wait until they've lost their aura.

BUT here's another option for getting a Yeezy-themed gift for your well deserving boyfriend...
Kanye is gearing up for an album this year which means a tour will follow. I suggest you purchase tickets to a Kanye show, instead of buying sneakers. Going to a concert creates a memory for both of you to share. I guarantee that the concert will be cheaper than the shoes.
- @thenewcheap

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