Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why Buy it, When you can Make it?

Why Buy it, When you can Make it?

While I enjoy going out to dinner as much as the next person, it definitely takes an unnecessary toll on my wallet. A trip to the local burger joint or the neighborhood pub is bound to set you back at least 15 bones (if you’re only buying for one) and you only got one meal out of it. You just gave someone $15 of your hard earned money to do the same thing you could have done at the crib for the same price, BUT with more servings.  

Tell your roommate or significant other that you will be responsible for dinner two successive nights out of the week and they can be responsible for the following two nights, (e.g. You cook Monday and Tuesday if they will cook Wednesday and Thursday). You should plan to cook one day of the week and eat the leftovers the following meal. Now, I know, we all hate leftovers. That’s why you cook something you can slightly alter the following day and turn it into a completely different meal.

An example of a versatile dish is slow cooked barbeque chicken.  This requires little time in the kitchen, which means you have more time to manage your fantasy team or you can finally get around to watching “The Wire” on HBOGo. AND this will only cost around $25. First, buy 2lbs of boneless chicken breast ($7), your favorite barbeque sauce ($3), a side of your choice (cole slaw or baked beans go great), and a salad ($5).  To alter it for the next day, you will also want to buy taco shells, cheese, and lettuce ($8). Before work, take 5 minutes to season your chicken and throw it in the slow cooker with the BBQ sauce. Cook on low heat for 8 hours.  When you walk into the door, it will smell of sweet BBQ (thank me later).  After you get done salivating over the chicken, prep your side, put together your salad and now it’s time to grub. You spent a total of 10 minutes in the kitchen and have a delicious meal as the result. On the following day use the leftovers to have your own Taco Tuesday. Shout out to the taco god. Simply, reheat the chicken in the microwave and prepare your tacos to your liking. Now that you cooked Monday and Tuesday, it’s your significant other or roommate’s turn to cook the next two days on their dime. You have successfully made it to Friday and only spent $25 on dinner thanks to The New Cheap.

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