Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dating after 25 is a lot like drafting after the 5th round……

Dating after 25 is a lot like drafting after the 5th round……
You could end up with a Tom Brady, but it’s likely you’ll end up drafting a player that won’t be on the team in two weeks. So with knowing this sad truth, you must begin dating like an NFL GM drafts.  I apologize to the football fans who understand the financial management of NFL rosters, but we’re going to briefly explain this process. In the months leading up to the NFL draft, players are evaluated and ranked. Players are drafted, and contracting negotiations start. Each player will receive a rookie contract, which has a cap based off the players’ union agreement with the league. This cap is how much money the team has to spend on players. The rookie contract is basically intern level pay compared to more senior level and accomplished players.  Once the player is out of the rookie contract, that is when the big money starts. But they only get a chance at this BIG money if they’ve played well over the course of the rookie contract. Many players drafted in the 5th round rarely make it to see the end of their rookie contract or even make the team.  More often than not, teams cut these players with very little financial impact to their cap.

Once again, I apologize to football fans for the redundancy over the GM player management process, but just stay with me … When dating, think of yourself as an NFL GM. Whether you’re drafting first round or seventh round, you need to be channel your inner Ozzie Newsome. Evaluate the talent like it is the NFL combine. Now, PLEASE don’t take this literally and request prospective lovers to run the forty yard dash in your driveway. But understand you only get so many draft picks. You need to choose who you will invest in wisely.  Before taking someone out on a date, you should do all the research you can on them, giving yourself the best chance for success. And know that there is a chance that you could and likely will be wrong (there’s always next year Browns fans!!). Once you arrive at the draft, you have to remember the NFL rookie contract restrictions.  So there’s a limit to how much you spend on the first couple of dates. Even if this is a can’t miss prospect! You have to remember Jamarcus Russell was a first round draft pick who stunk it up in the league, but is probably still buying that purple drink with those NFL checks. Find inexpensive dates, to minimize your loses if it doesn’t pan out. The only thing that hurts more than heartbreak is having your heart and bank account broken.  Now we don’t have a time limit for how long you should consider a person in the rookie contract phase. Once you realize they’ve “outplayed” the rookie contract, then you up the date spending. Even when someone is out of the rookie contract, you must keep in mind your Cap limits (your personal budget)! Know your personal budget.  If you over spend on a player, you could forfeit the success of your team. Sure Calvin Johnson is worth every penny, but it’s unlikely that the team will be successful because other areas suffer. As the GM, you must manage your team’s budget. So it’s up to you to think of dynamic ways to keep your star player around without hurting the team budget.

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