Tuesday, March 17, 2015

You dont get what you pay for, you get what you ask for.....

Free stuff. Who doesn't like it? A wise (cheap*)  man always told me that whenever you spend more than $100, you should get something free with the purchase. What started out as a joke during check out now provides dessert for my shopping trips. Recently, I purchased a bottle of cologne and during the checkout I asked the clerk for samples (fragrance companies will provide stores with small offerings of their cologne in an advertisement effort). The sales person rarely objects, as this small accommodation is building a rapport with you (and your pockets). So, whenever I ask for them, I get a bag full of samples during checkout. 

These samples are priceless! Samples SAVE! When I'm in between bottles, I will pull from my inventory of samples to get me through the stretch. Wearing these samples also allows for a proving ground for new cologne that I may potentially buy. If the cologne is well received, I will likely go back and purchase it. My nephews love to play in my grown man scents (equivalent of girls playing dress up), so when they visit, they can indulge in SAMPLES, not my expensive choice cologne. I also end up giving the samples to friends who visit, because most men don't realize they need/want cologne until they smell it on someone else! 

During the check out of the cologne and after the free samples, I ask "Do you have any bags?"I'm pushing it, I know-but this is the cherry on top. The sales woman goes into the back and pulls out this bag-a duffle by John Varvatos that I got just by ASKING for it! So when shopping, don't be afraid to ask for even more FREE stuff. An even wiser man once told me that there are two things a person can say when you ask a question., YES OR NO.  If the sales woman would've said no to the bag, I still would've walked out with the lions share of the deal.  Closed mouths don't get fed (or a free duffle bag).

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