Tuesday, February 17, 2015

CIAA WEEK - Briana Young

CIAA WEEK is upon us, which houses tens of thousands of visitors every year is coming up once again February 23- March 1. So, maybe this is your first time, or you are an annual visitor, I don't know. But what I do know, is that you want to look great either way. I suggest keeping it cute, sexy, and comfy. The look I have come up for any day of the week for CIAA is all of that. Pictured I have styled a printed sweatshirt, with a dark green fitted skirt, and a light denim jacket.

    I paired these pieces with long knitted over the boot socks, ankle boots, and a fur scarf to go over everything. With the socks, you would want to scrunch it down a little over the boots, add some panty hose because it will be cold, and you have a show stopper outfit ! I suggest a hairstyle that is down, with a natural look for makeup on the face and eyes, and a bold red lip. Want to go bolder? Add some gold bangles, earrings, and knuckle rings. You will own this CIAA week!

Links to look:

(Dress for less pieces: Hoodie & Skirt, $50... Other pieces are suggested, and links are provided).


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