Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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We’ve all been there, on our way to work and swerving across three lane traffic to claim your spot in the Chik-Fila drive thru.  Even though Chik-Fila  employees are the nicest  group people on the planet, they  do not offer the quickest service. So you arrive late to work, with  a negative  hit on your wallet. Then there are those were you have every intention of preparing your breakfast in the morning just to either not have the energy or time which forces you to stop at the drive-thru or Bodega for your breakfast. It’s not even nine o’clock and you have already spent roughly 6 bucks. Do this five times a week and that’s $30 which in a year equals $1,820. Sure you will prepare your own breakfast a few days out of the year but without a plan you are almost guaranteed to spend over $1200 on breakfast alone every year. 

We're here to offer you a plan that will not only save you money but also free up mental space which will inevitably lead to a cheaper and calmer morning. On Sunday, go to the grocery store and purchase your breakfast for the entire work week. My neighborhood grocery store has Greek yogurt on sale for a $1.00 quite frequently. So you could easily grab five of these and a package of bagels for a total of $8. If you like cream cheese, be sure to throw some of that in the buggy too. Now you spent $10 on breakfast that will easily last you a week and a half. This equates to about $520 a year on breakfast, tad bit better than the $1,820 you spend buying breakfast each morning.  

On Monday morning round up all your breakfast for the week and take it to work where you will leave it. Now you won’t find yourself frantically trying to whip up something in the morning or doing your best Ricky Bobby impersonation just to make it to the drive thru without being late to work. This will lead to a much calmer start to your morning and about $1,300 in your account at the end of the year.

  Save this money! Don’t get in the habit of wanting to spend this! You’ve been spending this money before you got the tip from the New Cheap, so just imagine you’re still spending it now! Pay off debt or save this new found money in your account! Don’t start spending more in other areas just because you now have this money.

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