Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Let's discuss waxing...

Hey ladies, lets talk about waxing…… I consider myself a feminist, I support and love women. I believe the strength of any nation can be judged off the lives of their women. Even though I believe women are much stronger than men in many situations, I enjoy engaging in "friendly" discussions about the differences between women and men. One of these discussions got me in trouble recently and caused me to have to get waxed. So recently I walked into a waxing shop and laid down to get my chest waxed. Thankfully for company policy an audience wasn’t allowed, but there is a video floating around of the whole chest waxing experience. So leaving out of this experience I have a couple of questions for the ladies (and men) that get waxed. Now my chest has never felt as smooth since the day I was born, so I can understand why people would like the feel of a fresh wax. And to the dismay of many people I realized it didn’t really hurt that bad.  But my issue is the price. Just for a chest waxing cost $60…. I couldn’t do that every 4 weeks personally. Too much money lost just for a smooth chest that only isn't put on display often. Now if I was a young guy running around with my shirt off, then sure I’d wax up before a trip to Vegas. But I’m entering my dad bod years, so I don’t think I should be spending $60 to achieve this feeling. As a feminist I understand that there are a few things that I will never understand but I have to support a womans choice to do them. Waxing is one of them even though I’ve never rubbed a womans leg and said  “girl you’ve shaved your legs, I don’t think we can be together” but I understand it makes women feel good. So just by that fact, it’s none of my business what they choose to do even if I personally along with many other men cant tell the difference. My only suggestion is we must find a way to do this in a cheaper way. I don’t know the cost for waxing for more than a chest,  but I imagine it’s more than $60. So ladies if you enjoy waxing, find a cheaper way to do this. Following my waxing I was educated on home wax verse commercial hot wax, and realize that doing it from home really isn’t a safe or effective option. Lets think of some options like finding a cheaper place for waxing, a coupon,  or buying multiple waxes up front for a price break. Enjoy what you love doing ladies and gentlemen, but you have to find a way to save money doing those things that make you happy.

-JonMcKinney87 for @theNewCheap

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