Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Veterans Day is for the VETS

I support the veterans of this country and I support any initiative assisting the lives of veterans. Many restaurants offer a free meal for vets on Veterans Day and stores offer discounts. Which I love! While it’s crazier than a mad house anywhere in public on those days but I enjoy knowing that the people who sometimes pay the ultimate sacrifice can enjoy a meal or a discount. I mean it’s the least we can do for the people who keep us free. I hate seeing vets unable to find jobs or homeless while some millionaire trust fund baby skips out paying taxes. I encourage every vet to get out there and enjoy every few meal you can on Veterans Day! What I don’t encourage or agree with is people who attempt to get these perks without serving in the military! For those of you that don’t know, government access cards for civilian employees look a lot like the id for active duty service members. Undoubtly each year you will have some jerk who hasn’t seen a day of boot camp putting their civilian CAC on the counter for a veteran’s discount. Nothing makes my blood boil more than disrespect, and I deem this as totally disrespectful! I’m all about being “cheap” but you should NEVER seek to be this cheap! Come on folks, you can't be that strapped for cash that you have to go into ihop for a free meal. I mean seriously, you shouldn’t do this! Imagine speaking with a vet from the booth next to you and they find out you’ve never spent a day in the military? Can you imagine how that would feel? That would make me want to hide under a rock! The only way to reap any benefits on this day for the non veteran patrons is to take your vet out on this day. You aren't paying for that meal but you get to spend some time with your loved one on this special day. Make sure you  thank these men and women for their service and treat them with love and respect each and every day, not only on veterans day. 

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