Friday, July 10, 2015

How many times are you gonna go to Vegas?


Vegas is amazing. It's an adult Disney land, where ANYTHING you can dream up can actually take place. All you need is a lack of morals and the funding to make all of your wildest desires come true. I myself have my own Vegas story, a wild summer night in the city of sin. I won't get into details, but a few years ago I took a trip to Vegas with one of my best friends who frequented the Oasis. He was able to show me all of the nooks and crannies most tourist never get the chance to see. It was an amazing time! I learned why you shouldn't step foot into any of the  pools while in Vegas, ate sushi for the first time and had a conversation about Outkast as we drove down the Vegas strip (PG version). This was all done in 24 hours. I seriously spent one night in Vegas. Woke up the next morning and took my butt back to LA. I've had opportunities to return, a friend of mine is from Vegas and speaks great things about what I missed in my short visit in an attempt to encourage another visit. But I'm GOOD on the part 2 of the Hangover series. Why?? I live on the east coast, so I would have to fly to Vegas just for Vegas. Seriously, I would have to fly across the country just to watch some "celeb" DJ play a pre recorded set while adults drink their children's school clothing fund away.... I'm good on that! I've done it one time and I don't need to do it again. my west coast brothers and sisters this isn't directed to you!! If you live in LA ,Phoenix or surrounding areas by all means you should be a frequent visitor to the Devil's Oasis! It makes sense, it's a short drive, you know how to get in and out the city without catching something or losing your savings account. But if you've ever been to Vegas, you've seen someone who flew in and has successfully lost their dignity before they left baggage claim. It's unsettling to watch someone fall from grace faster than Brittany Spears in 2007. So west coasters help me encourage the east coasters to stop with the repeat visits. I love Vegas, I also love my Aunt Sandra's cooking but I know I can't eat it everyday if I want to live past 40.
What if I told you that you could fly to another country for the money you spent on repeat trips Vegas?? Seriously the money you spend on travel to Vegas could allow you to get some stamps in your passport! A vacation is doing something  that allows you to experience culture,  shows you a different way of life from your own. A vacation is eating KFC in India without hot sauce.  Life is all about growth my friend and it's time to grow up. So how about growing up and taking a vacation you can actually tell your children about one day...

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