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Firefly Music Festival 2015

Firefly Music Festival

Whenever a 60 year old man is knocking on your door, requesting that you get out of bed to join the party... You know it's gonna be a good week....

Firefly Music festival, is by far one of my favorite music events to attend. This year me and four other working class adults took to Dover Delaware to act as if we were hippies blowing in the wind of love, peace and happiness. Even though I fancy myself a good writer, I wouldn't do the experience  justice.  So I've provided the 1568 productions recap video for just a glimpse of the amazing time we had during the festival.

                                                          FireFly Music Festival 2015

Okay now what everyone is here for, how in the hell did we do this without even putting a dent in the summer fun  budget?? The number one rule is splitting everything! To properly do this you'll need a program manager, to keep everyone in the loop on what needs to be paid and where the money is going. Good thing for this group we had 3 of them. If everyone pays an equal share , everyone's dollars can go further.

My friends and I rented an RV. Why an RV? Because of the five people in our group three were girls, so we chose to get an RV over forcing them to live out the classic game Oregon  trail  for the week. RVs can be rented everywhere, but if you have one that you can borrow from a relative by all means go for it! If your split the cost of what a hotel would've cost by five people we obviously came out on top with choosing the RV. We also made the decision to stay in the premium camping area of the RV section. This allowed us to have electric, sewage and water hookups. Sure we paid a little extra for this luxury upfront but by day two it had already paid for itself. If we would've tented, we would've had pay 5 dollars per shower. We cooked all our own food, so we weren't tempted to buy food from vendors at the marked up prices. And have you ever used a porta potty??! Nuff said!  The extra money was well spent! Also, one day we got rained out. If we had camped out using a tent we would've had to sleep in our cars during the storm instead we went back to the RV and played classic 80's music all night.

The Food
Prior to the trip we made a foodlist just as I had seen on my childhood vacations we packed enough for every meal during this trip. Inside the festival a burger and fries cost you $13....  You spend all week eating inside the festival, you're sure to go broke!!  So pack your food and cook at your RV prior to going inside the festival. You're at a music festival so you'll want to try some of the food, reserve that for the last day once you've had a chance to scope out the offerings. Rather than making an impulse buy, you'll have all week to decide what it is you want.

The Booze
Buy your drinks before you leave your town! Anytime a bud lite cost $9 I know the world is coming to an end. Seriously how are they going to charge $9 for the nastiest beer in the world?? I wouldn't drink bud lite if Beyonc√© told me it was her favorite drink and any man she seen drinking it had the key to her heart. I would walk away and leave the beautiful Beyonc√© with her shitty beer. I digress, but it's important to understand the mark up on drinks inside of the festival. So if drinking is your thing, stock the bar before you arrive at the festival. You're allowed to drink all the way up to the entry gate so please take the chance to make a roadie before you leave the RV. Now I know being in the sun can drain your buz and require you to need another drink. So when this happens choose wisely for your drink option. At the festival there was a flying dogfish special addition "firefly ale" . So naturally I had to try it, I mean hell it was named after the concert. When I needed a cool adult beverage I choose  this rather than having a beer that I could drink any other time in my normal day to day life.
A few other helpful tips.....
Buy the biggest first aid kit you can find. Injuries will happen due to the lack of sleep and increase in booze consumption. So it's important to be prepared. If you wait to the festival to purchase the needed items you'll end up paying the cost (literally). 

Also freeze everything!! It's difficult to keep ice for five days. So my suggestion is to ice everything! All of the water you buy should be iced prior to the festival. By the time it thaws out in the cooler you'll be ready to drink it. It also allows you to buy less ice prior and during the concert.

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