Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Don’t concern yourself with 50 Cent’s financial situation

If it’s one thing I know about Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson it’s to never count the man out. Anybody who can survive getting shot nine times deserves the benefit of a doubt.  So when I heard of 50 Cent filing for bankruptcy I was shocked but not alarmed. If people really think Curtis Jackson is going to be moving back to Jamaica Queens their sadly mistaken. Even if he is actually broke, he still will be able to tour and benefit off his image as a hip hop icon. It is for that reason that I will mind my own business and stay out of 50’s….. And I think you should do the same. Donald Trump himself has filed for bankruptcy multiple times and he’s still around to offend brown people across the United States. So if Curtis actually needs another chance, he will get it. 

Too much time is spent counting other people’s pockets. Why should you be worried about 50 Cent’s money? To quote the cute kid from the viral YouTube video, “worry about yo self”. Once the situation is final, read it to learn something that could benefit your own personal financial situation. But don’t read about the 50 news for gossip....

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