Friday, December 19, 2014

$500 for all of your Christmas Gifts!!


The Holiday season is here! And if you’re like 70% of the world, you haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet.  You’ve missed every sale (using the word “sale” loosely), and have to run into that crazy house  known as the mall. At the mall, you’re sure to over spend, racking up credit card debt that will take all of  2015 to pay off. Getting into debt Just so you can see the excitement on someone’s face when they open up your present on Christmas morning is not necessary. What if I told you there was a way to create that same excitement for $500?? This $500 would take care of gifts for every single person you knew (not including your Facebook friends, because who really knows all of their Facebook friends?).
Take $500 out of the bank, get the bills in the following denominations:
  • 1 X $100 Bills
  • 2 X $50 Bills
  • 5 X  $ 20 Bills
  • 10 X  $10 Bills
  • 20 X $5 Bills
Once you have the bills, walk into your local dollar store and grab a couple packs of Christmas cards. Put one bill in each card.  Write a simple, but caring message, and sign your name. Arrive to the Family/Friends Christmas party and make the announcement that you have cards with various bills in them for everyone. Then, pass the cards out at random. The key is to make sure there is no way to tell what bill is in each card. Want to see pure excitement on someone's face??  Give someone a card that could either have $100 or $5 in it!!!   A couple of things will happen when you do your Christmas giving this way….. You  get through the holiday season stress free , you save money, and most importantly,  you are able to  find the true meaning of  the Christmas season ( HINT: It isn’t the presents).
                                                                                                           -The New Cheap

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