Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rant in Progress - The Jonas Blizzard

I grew up different which is why I see the world a lot different than most. Maybe you grew up the same way and you're just as confused on the worlds current status. If you're not one of those people close out of this blog.

Prepare for a rant....

 I grew up around legal hustlers and illegal hustlers. I choose the legal route for my hustle because I saw the end result of the illegal hustle and the people who's raised me would kill me if I chose that route! As a youngster one of the legal hustles I had was cutting grass. I would go rent a lawnmower from the community center and walk up and down the neighborhood looking for grass to cut. This money allowed me to move around without having to ask my parents for cash. I felt independent, I felt empowered, I felt like a man. So as many of you know the east coast was hit with a blizzard this last weekend,( thanks for those that called and check on me and the family) so I was left to clean up 30 inches of snow. I'm no stranger to hard labor, and I enjoy it, but I also enjoy supporting hustlers. But there weren't any..... I spent Sunday morning cleaning off my car wondering why there weren't any teenagers offering to take over the job.

 If I was ten years younger and had 10,000 less miles on these knees I would've called all my friends and we would've walked door to door cleaning off spots. Shockingly the first day after the storm there weren't any kids outside cleaning! I was looking for kids to pay to get my car out of the parking lot. Sure I could've done it myself, but like I said I support the hustlers. I blame this on the parents of today. You spoil your kids too damn much. They don't know hard work, and a kid that doesn't know hard work will know government assistance. As a parent I would've gave my son the tools and taught him how to clean up the snow and set him on his way.
What does this have to do with saving money?? If you teach a man to fish he'll be able to feed himself... If you teach your children how to make money, you won't have to support grown ass people!

I finally met hustlers. While I was cleaning out my spot for day number two. I met some young men who were looking to make some extra money before going into the military this summer. They provided the price for cleaning out my car and did the work. As I mentioned I respect hustlers, in fact it excites me to see hustlers. I gave them double for what they offered to do the job. Why? Because they get it! They understand that living a New Cheap life means making more money and the Jonas blizzard was a perfect opportunity for making money. I respect that!
Raise your children to be hustlers.... Rant over... Now back to your day


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