Monday, December 14, 2015

Gambling can save you money

I know this post comes a little too late and I apologize in advance. I should’ve provided this knowledge at the beginning of the football season. But like old people say….. It’s better late than never.

One of the best ways to convert your spouse into a sports fan is to make bets about the game. Some people find it hard to have interest in something they have no stake in.  So I’m sure your partner will find the Celtics versus the Lakers game more interesting if dinner depended on the outcome. This will intrigue them to care about the game and put a competitive edge on the date. You can use this tactic whenever dinning out  with a date viewing a sporting event. In college my best friend and I had an evening out with older women. I scrapped my change together trying to figure out how to compete with a woman making far more money than my student refund check. When I got to the counter I realized his date was paying. When we got back into the car, my friend told me they made a bet which she obviously lost. I immediately put that into my tool kit for dates. Even though things have changed and I can now afford to buy Moe’s at 2am for my date, I still enjoy the competitive excitement. Girls don’t typically care about sports (I’m blessed, my lady does *praise hands*) but they’ll enjoy it so much more when their money is on the line. Please don’t use this as a way to never pay for dates (my grandmother would kill me for leading the masses astray). On this date let the loser handle the check. You may get to trade places for the evening by allowing your lady to pay while enjoying the game you love! I know we live in a world where sometimes women make just as much money as men do but we should be men! Now once you’ve dated for a while, of course allow your lady to get her beyonce’ on and take you out sometimes. But be careful not to through this date into rotation to early with a new partner. If you’ve been involved for sometime the bowl game season is the perfect time for you to toss this into the date bag. Let’s face it by this point your NFL team is in the tank, so betting on meaningless college games could be fun and save you money.


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